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BOOKS. The final chapter?

· Alessandro Portelli: Hard Rain. Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures, and the Meaning of History · My Name is Immigrant by Wang Ping · POËZIEWEEK VLAANDEREN & NEDERLAND: 26.01—01.02.2023 · Toy Fights: A Boyhood by Don Paterson · I Hope She Finds This by r.h. Sin · A Vertical Art: On Poetry by Simon Armitage · Manifest voor een nieuwe wereld: Marinetti en het Futurisme · Still Life by Jay Hopler · Harvest Lingo by Lionel Fogarty · Haruki Murakami: Novelist as a Vocation · Raoul Schrott: Die Erfindung der Poesie · Ingeborg Bachmann: Verzamelde verhalen

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Alessandro Portelli: Hard Rain. Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures, and the Meaning of History

Bob Dylan’s iconic 1962 song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” stands at the crossroads of musical and literary traditions.

A visionary warning of impending apocalypse, it sets symbolist imagery within a structure that recalls a centuries-old form. Written at the height of the 1960s folk music revival amid the ferment of political activism, the song strongly resembles—and at the same time reimagines—a traditional European ballad sung from Scotland to Italy, known in the English-speaking world as “Lord Randal.”

Alessandro Portelli explores the power and resonance of “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” considering the meanings of history and memory in folk cultures and in Dylan’s work. He examines how the ballad tradition to which “Lord Randal” belongs shaped Dylan’s song and how Dylan drew on oral culture to depict the fears and crises of his own era. Portelli recasts the song as an encounter between Dylan’s despairing vision, which questions the meaning and direction of history, and the message of resilience and hope for survival despite history’s nightmares found in oral traditions.

A wide-ranging work of oral history, Hard Rain weaves together interviews from places as varied as Italy, England, and India with Portelli’s autobiographical reflections and critical analysis, speaking to the enduring appeal of Dylan’s music. By exploring the motley traditions that shaped Dylan’s work, this book casts the distinctiveness and depth of his songwriting in a new light.

Alessandro Portelli is professor emeritus of American literature at the University of Rome and was for many years a faculty member of the Columbia Oral History Summer Institute. His books include The Text and the Voice: Writing, Speaking, Democracy, and American Literature (Columbia, 1994) and They Say in Harlan County: An Oral History (2011).

Alessandro Portelli:
Hard Rain.
Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures,
and the Meaning of History
Pub Date: May 2022
Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231205931
200 Pages
Format: Paperback
List Price: £20.00

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My Name is Immigrant by Wang Ping

This book of poetry is a song for the plight and pride of immigrants around the globe, including the U.S., China, Syria, Honduras, Guatemala, Nepal, Tibet and other places.

Whether they pull up their roots to flee war, the rising sea or drought, for religious freedom and freedom of speech, or simply to seek a better life, immigrants are the frontiers of civilization.

They are a force of nature, like salmon, monarchs, trees, water, and mountains, moving with rivers, the earth and universe.

Migration is the signature of life – no immigrants, no economy; no immigration, no civilization; no migration, no life.

We are all immigrants.

Wang Ping is Poet, professor, photographer, installation artist, author of 14 books and dancer.

My Name is Immigrant
by Wang Ping (Author)
Publisher: ‎ Hanging Loose Press (May 4, 2020)
Language: ‎ English
128 pages
ISBN-10: ‎ 1934909661
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1934909669

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Poëzieweek 2023 start zoals altijd op Gedichtendag, donderdag 26 januari 2023, en loopt t.e.m. woensdag 1 februari 2023.

Sinds 2000 wordt elk jaar eind januari poëzie extra in de kijker gezet. Op initiatief van Poetry International werd de laatste donderdag van januari uitgeroepen tot Gedichtendag. Een breed samenwerkingsverband van dichters, literaire organisaties, scholen, bibliotheken en andere verenigingen zorgde ervoor dat de donkere januaridagen in Vlaanderen en Nederland een poëtische invulling kregen.

De campagne van de eerste Gedichtendag in 2000 werd afgetrapt met de verkiezing van het mooiste gedicht. Na een breedgedragen stemcampagne haalde ‘Denkend aan Holland’ van Hendrik Marsman het van onder meer ‘De moeder de vrouw’ van Martinus Nijhoff.

Bij elke editie werd aan een dichter gevraagd om 10 gedichten te schrijven die aansloten bij het thema van Gedichtendag. De eerste Gedichtendagbundel werd geschreven door Toon Tellegen. Later volgden onder meer nog Hugo Claus, Tom Lanoye, Remco Campert, Judith Herzberg, Antjie Krog, …

Door het grote succes van de Gedichtendag werd in 2013 beslist om Gedichtendag uit te werken tot een volledige Poëzieweek. Hierbij aansluitend werd de Gedichtendagbundel omgedoopt tot het Poëziegeschenk.

Met een bundeling van grote en kleine poëzie-activiteiten willen de organisatoren een groter bereik creëren voor poëzie.

Gedichtendag 2023: donderdag 26 januari 2023, 00:00–23:59

In 2023 schrijven Hester Knibbe en Miriam Van hee het Poëziegeschenk met als titel: Er staat te gebeuren.

De Poëzieweek 2023 is een samenwerking van Poëziecentrum met Stichting Poëzieclub/Awater, Iedereen Leest, Stichting Lezen, Poetry International, De Schrijverscentrale, Literatuur Vlaanderen, Nederlands Letterenfonds, CPNB, NOORDWOORD, Koninklijke Bibliotheek Nederland, Perdu, CANON Cultuurcel, School der Poëzie, Probiblio, Dichter des Vaderlands België, Dichter des Vaderlands Nederland, de Taalunie, Antwerpen Boekenstad, Boekhandels Vlaanderen, Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Nijmegen, Prijs de Poëzie, Creatief Schrijven, Poetry Circle Nowhere en Passa Porta.

Thema 2023: ‘Vriendschap’
Vriendschap: vrienden steunen, lachen, luisteren, beleven, inspireren. Vrienden zijn een essentieel deel van wie we zijn en worden. Ook poëzie kan je vriend zijn. Gedichten helpen ons om vreugde en verdriet te delen, om die gevoelens een plaats te geven waarvoor je zelf geen woorden hebt.

De Poëzieweek 2023 is een samenwerking van Poëziecentrum met Stichting Poëzieclub/Awater, Iedereen Leest, Stichting Lezen, Poetry International, De Schrijverscentrale, Literatuur Vlaanderen, Nederlands Letterenfonds, CPNB, NOORDWOORD, Koninklijke Bibliotheek Nederland, Perdu, CANON Cultuurcel, School der Poëzie, Probiblio, Dichter des Vaderlands België, Dichter des Vaderlands Nederland, de Taalunie, Antwerpen Boekenstad, Boekhandels Vlaanderen, Stichting Literaire Activiteiten Nijmegen, Prijs de Poëzie, Creatief Schrijven, Poetry Circle Nowhere en Passa Porta.

Poëzieweek 2023: 26 januari t/m 1 februari

Gedichtendag 2023: donderdag 26 januari

Meer informatie:

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Toy Fights: A Boyhood by Don Paterson

Exquisitely sharp, deeply humane and brutally hilarious, Toy Fights is a future classic from one of the greatest writers of his generation.

This is a book about family, money and music but also about schizophrenia, hell, narcissists, debt and the working class, anger, swearing, drugs, books, football, love, origami, the peculiar insanity of Dundee, sugar, religious mania, the sexual excesses of the Scottish club band scene and, more generally, the lengths we go to not to be bored.

Don Paterson was born in Dundee, Scotland, in 1963. He spent his boyhood on a council housing estate.

When he wasn’t busy dreading his birthdays, dodging kids who wanted to kill him in a game of Toy Fights, working with his country-and-western singer dad, screwing up in the Boys’ Brigade, obsessing over God, origami, The Osmonds, stamps, sex or Scottish football cards, he was developing a sugar addiction, failing his exams, playing guitar, falling in love, dodging employment and descending into madness.

While he didn’t manage to figure out who he was meant to be, the first twenty years of his life – before he took a chance, packed his guitar and boarded a train to London – did, for better or worse, shape who he would become.

Don Paterson was born in Dundee in 1963. His previous poetry collections include Nil Nil, God’s Gift to Women, Landing Light, Rain and 40 Sonnets. He has also published two books of aphorism, as well as translations of Antonio Machado and Rainer Maria Rilke. His poetry has won many awards, including the Whitbread Poetry Prize, the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and all three Forward Prizes; he is currently the only poet to have won the T. S. Eliot Prize twice. He was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry in 2009. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, the English Association and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and is currently Professor of Poetry at the University of St Andrews. Since 1997 he has been poetry editor at Picador Macmillan, and he also works as a jazz musician and composer. He lives in Edinburgh.

Toy Fights: A Boyhood
by Don Paterson (Author)
Publisher: ‎Liveright
July 11, 2023
Language: ‎English
Hardcover: ‎384 pages
ISBN-10:‎ 1324093625
ISBN-13: ‎978-1324093626

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I Hope She Finds This by r.h. Sin

From New York Times bestselling author, r.h. Sin, comes a care package of two new poetry and prose collections boxed together in an elegant slipcase.

R.H. Sin is a New York Times bestselling author of poetry books.

He lives in New York with his wife, poet Samantha King Holmes, and two kids.



I Hope She Finds This
by r.h. Sin (Author)
Publisher: ‎Andrews McMeel Publishing
Dec 13 2022
Language: ‎English
Paperback: ‎360 pages
ISBN-10: ‎1524871133
ISBN-13: ‎978-1524871130

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A Vertical Art: On Poetry by Simon Armitage

From the UK Poet Laureate and bestselling translator, a spirited book that demystifies and celebrates the art of poetry today

In A Vertical Art, acclaimed poet Simon Armitage takes a refreshingly common-sense approach to an art form that can easily lend itself to grand statements and hollow gestures. Questioning both the facile and obscure ends of the poetry spectrum, he offers sparkling new insights about poetry and an array of favorite poets.

Based on Armitage’s public lectures as Oxford Professor of Poetry, A Vertical Art illuminates poets as varied as Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Marianne Moore, W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes, Thom Gunn, A. R. Ammons, and Claudia Rankine.

The chapters are often delightfully sassy in their treatment, as in “Like, Elizabeth Bishop,” in which Armitage dissects―and tallies―the poet’s predilection for similes.

He discusses Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize, poetic lists, poetry and the underworld, and the dilemmas of translating Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Armitage also pulls back the curtain on the unromantic realities of making a living as a contemporary poet, and ends the book with his own list of “Ninety-Five Theses” on the principles and practice of poetry.

An appealingly personal book that explores the volatile and disputed definitions of poetry from the viewpoint of a practicing writer and dedicated reader, A Vertical Art makes an insightful and entertaining case for the power and potential of poetry today.

A Vertical Art: On Poetry
by Simon Armitage (Author)
Publisher Princeton University Press
Section Poetry Criticism
ISBN 9780691233109
May 24, 2022

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Manifest voor een nieuwe wereld: Marinetti en het Futurisme

Op 20 februari 1909 luidt de Italiaanse dichter F.T. Marinetti met zijn futuristisch manifest in de Franse krant Le Figaro een nieuw artistiek tijdperk in.

In het manifest bezingt hij de snelheid, de toekomst, agressiviteit en activisme, en wijst hij het verleden resoluut af. Deze ideële uitgangspunten spreken veel jonge kunstenaars en intellectuelen in Italië en Europa aan, waardoor Marinetti al snel een groep jonge futuristen om zich heen heeft verzameld. De futuristen dromen van een radicaal nieuwe toekomst, waarin geen plek is voor het verleden.

Hun avant-gardistische ideologie, in al zijn veelzijdigheid en complexiteit, groeide uit tot een voorbeeld voor de modernistische mentaliteit van de twintigste eeuw.

Tentoonstelling Marinetti en het Futurisme
nog t/m19 februari 2023
in Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede
Lasondersingel 129-131, 7514 BP Enschede
T 053 2012000
Reguliere openingstijden
Dinsdag t/m zondag 10.00-17.00 uur

Catalogus bij de tentoonstelling:
Marinetti en het Futurisme
Uitgeverij Waanders
24 x 27 cm
80 pagina’s
60 illustraties
ISBN 9789462623224
€ 23,95

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Still Life by Jay Hopler

Confronted with a terminal cancer diagnosis, Jay Hopler–author of the National Book Award-finalist The Abridged History of Rainfall–got to work.

The result of that labor is Still Life, a collection of poems that are heartbreaking, terrifying, and deeply, darkly hilarious.

In an attempt to find meaning in a life ending right before his eyes, Hopler squares off against monsters real and imagined, personal and historical, and tries not to flinch.

This work is no elegy; it’s a testament to courage, love, compassion, and the fierceness of the human heart.

It’s a violently funny but playfully serious fulfillment of what Arseny Tarkovsky called the fundamental purpose of art: a way to prepare for death, be it far in the future or very near at hand.

Jay Hopler was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1970. He earned a BA in English and American Literature from New York University, an MA in Creative Writing from the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars, an MFA in Creative Writing from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and a PhD in American Studies from Purdue University. His first collection of poetry, Green Squall (2006), was chosen by Louise Glück as the winner of the Yale Younger Poets Prize; his second collection, The Abridged History of Rainfall (2016), was a finalist for the National Book Award in Poetry.

Hopler’s poems take as their starting point a formal virtuosity rooted in idiosyncrasy, passion of vision, and the beautiful (sometimes not-so-beautiful) violence of emotion. They are by turns plainspoken, erudite, opaque, clear, serious, and broodingly funny. Hopler is a dexterous poet, but never dogmatic. His poems make sense but not points; they think and reel and describe the broken world, without a wasted word. What the likes of G.M. Hopkins and Wallace Stevens and Robert Hayden carried out, Jay Hopler continues and expands upon, to gorgeous effect. According to poet Katie Ford, “Hopler’s vision and voice [are] both painfully complex because of how much of the world he allows to attach to him, to stake its claim on him.” Hopler is also an editor and translator.

His works include The Killing Spirit: An Anthology of Murder for Hire (1998), Before the Door of God: An Anthology of Devotional Poetry (edited with his spouse, poet and Renaissance scholar Kimberly Johnson, 2013), and The Museum of Small Dark Things: 25 Poems by Georg Trakl (2016).

The recipient of numerous honors and awards, including a Fellowship from the Lannan Foundation, a Whiting Award, the Great Lakes Colleges Association New Writers Award, two National “Best Books” Award from USA Book News, two Florida Book Awards, a Foreword Reviews Book-of-the-Year Award, and the Rome Prize in Literature, Hopler directs the program in creative writing at the University of South Florida.

Still Life
Jay Hopler (Author)
Publisher: McSweeney’s
Publish Date: June 07, 2022
6.36 X 8.5 X 0.46 inches
Language English
EAN/UPC 9781952119378
Price $18.00

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Harvest Lingo by Lionel Fogarty

Harvest Lingo is the fourteenth collection of poems by Lionel Fogarty, a Murri man with traditional connections to the Yugambeh people from south of Brisbane and the Kudjela people of north Queensland.

He is a leading Indigenous rights activist, and one of Australia’s foremost poets, and this collection displays all of the urgency, energy and linguistic audacity for which Fogarty is known.

At the centre of the collection is a series of poems written in India. Deeply empathetic, these poems are remarkable for the connections they draw between the social problems the poet encounters in this country – poverty, class division, corruption – and those he sees in contemporary Australia, besetting his own people.

Other poems tell of encounters between people and between cultures, address historical and cultural issues and political events, and pay tribute to important Indigenous figures. There are intensely felt lyrics of personal experience, and poems which contemplate Fogarty’s own position as a poet and an activist, speaking with and for his community.

Fogarty’s poems are bold and fierce, at times challenging and confronting, moved by strong rhythms and a remarkable freedom with language. They are an expression of the ‘harvest lingo’ which gives the collection its title.

Lionel Fogarty was born on Wakka Wakka land, at Cherbourg Aboriginal Reserve in south-east Queensland in 1957. Throughout the 1970s he worked as an activist for Aboriginal Land Rights, and in the 1990s, after the death of his brother Daniel Yock, protesting against Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. His poetry collections date from the early 1980s; his most recent collections are Connection Requital; Mogwie-Idan: Stories of the Land; Eelahroo (Long Ago) Nyah (Looking) Mobo-Mobo (Future), all with Vagabond Press, and Lionel Fogarty: Selected Poems 1980-2017, published by

Harvest Lingo
by Lionel Fogarty
Giramondo Publishing
112 pages
Paperback, 21 x 14.8 cm
Published June 2022
ISBN 9781925336177

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Haruki Murakami: Novelist as a Vocation

In this engaging book, the internationally best-selling author and famously private writer Haruki Murakami

shares with readers his thoughts on the role of the novel in our society; his own origins as a writer; and his musings on the sparks of creativity that inspire other writers, artists, and musicians.

Here are the personal details of a life devoted to craft: the initial moment at a Yakult Swallows baseball game, when he suddenly knew he could write a novel; the importance of memory, what he calls a writer’s “mental chest of drawers”; the necessity of loneliness, patience, and his daily running routine; the seminal role a carrier pigeon played in his career.

Aspiring writers and readers who have long wondered where the mysterious novelist gets his ideas and what inspires his strangely surreal worlds will be fascinated by this insightful and unique look at the craft of writing and into the mind of a master storyteller.

Haruki Murakami was born in Kyoto in 1949 and now lives near Tokyo. His work has been translated into more than fifty languages, and one of the most recent of his many international honors is the Cino Del Duca World Prize, whose previous recipients include Jorge Luis Borges, Ismail Kadare, Mario Vargas Llosa, and Joyce Carol Oates.

Novelist as a Vocation
The master storyteller on writing and creativity
Haruki Murakami
Philip Gabriel (Translator)
Ted Goossen (Translator)
Published: 08/11/2022
Publisher: ‎Knopf (November 8, 2022)
Language: ‎English
Hardcover:‎ 224 pages
ISBN-10:‎ 0451494644
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0451494641

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Raoul Schrott: Die Erfindung der Poesie

Ein solches Buch hat es noch nie gegeben.

Dass die Poesie eine alte Erfindung ist, ahnen wir; aber die wenigsten von uns wären imstande, die Spur der europäischen Dichtung bis an ihre Ursprünge zurückzuverfolgen.

Sie führt weit, bis ins Zweistromland, bis zu den Arabern, den Kelten und den Sizilianern. Wer wüßte schon, daß der älteste überlieferte Dichtername einer Frau gehört?

Wer kennt noch die wilden Lieder des Archilochos, den die Griechen die Skorpionzunge nannten?

Und so weiter – über Sappho und die römischen Elegiker Catull und Properz bis zu den Iren des achten, den Hebräern des elften, den Trobadors des zwölften und den Walisern des vierzehnten Jahrhunderts.

Raoul Schrott ist 1964 in Landeck geboren. Seine bisherigen Publikationen sind: Dada 21/22 (1988); Makama (1989); Die Legenden vom Tod (1990); Rime (1991); Dada 15/25 (1992); Sub rosa (1993); Hotels (1995); Finis terrae (1995), Die Musen. Fragmente einer Sprache der Dichtung (1997) und Poesie und Physis – Grazer Poetikvorlesungen (1997).

Schrott, Raoul
Die Erfindung der Poesie
Die Andere Bibliothek u.a.
Seitenanzahl: 536
Bandnummer: 154
ISBN: 9783821847702
ca. 45,00 EUR (antiquarisch)

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Ingeborg Bachmann: Verzamelde verhalen

Ingeborg Bachmann geldt als een van de belangrijkste schrijvers van de twintigste eeuw.

De stoutmoedigheid van de taal, de scherpte van haar inzicht en de energie van het gevoel vormen vanaf het begin de onverwisselbare eigenheid van haar proza.

Het laat mensen zien op het kruispunt van hun bestaan, vóór er ingrijpende beslissingen worden genomen.

Verzamelde verhalen bevat de bundel Het dertigste jaar, met de nadruk op het intellect, en de tien jaar later na een ernstige crisis gepubliceerde bundel Simultaan, met de nadruk op gevoel en liefde.

Daarnaast is de nooit eerder vertaalde vroege bundel Het veer opgenomen met een grote variatie aan onderwerpen.

Verzamelde verhalen
Auteur: Ingeborg Bachmann
Taal: Nederlands
Vertaling: Paul Beers
Uitgeverij Koppernik
Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
04 februari 2021
Aantal pagina’s: 504
EAN 9789083089850
€ 29.90

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