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· ANOHNI presents: She who saw beautiful things · Sophie Marceau: La Souterraine · there is a poem for that: 53ste Poetry International Festival · Ian Penman: Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors · Vernietigen, nieuwe roman van Michel Houellebecq · Am I Pretty When I Fly?: An Album of Upside Down Drawings by Joan Baez · Guilty of Journalism. The Political Case Against Julian Assange by Kevin Gosztola · Julie Gayet: Ensemble on est plus fortes · BOEKENWEEK 2023: 11 t/m 19 maart · The Philosophy of Modern Song by Bob Dylan · The Story of Art Without Men by Katy Hessel · Alessandro Portelli: Hard Rain. Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures, and the Meaning of History

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ANOHNI presents: She who saw beautiful things

Holland Festival’s associate artist ANOHNI presents a mixed media exhibit: SHE WHO SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS.

The installation includes a series of portraits honoring ANOHNI’s former collaborator Dr. Julia Yasuda, taken by Julia’s late wife Erika Yasuda in Tokyo in the early 1980s, and exhibited here for the first time.

Erika Yasuda’s portrets: Within the collection of the Huis Willet-Holthuysen in the centre of Amsterdam, ANOHNI layers photos, silkscreened fabrics, sculpture, video, sound and paintings from her own artistic practices within a selection of Erika Yasuda’s extraordinary portraits. The works reflect an insular and delicately composed vision of enlightened femininity and luxuriant androgyny, persevering in memory despite historical and ongoing existential threats.

ANOHNI: ‘I like the concept of ‘animism’ – that everything is alive, in an ongoing a process of transformation -and that all materiality is imbued with a certain presence, even a sense of memory that we might not entirely understand. I work with veils as a way to suggest different layers of presense. Sometimes I imagine a cacophony of moments within a timeline in a certain space, as if they were all able to express their vitality simultaneously.’

About ANOHNI: Born in England, ANOHNI lives and works in America as a musician, visual artist and theater director. In 1995 she founded her performance group The Johnsons, with which she performed with symphony orchestras in opera houses around the world, including Sydney Opera House, the Royal Opera House in London, Teatro Real in Madrid and Carnegie Hall in New York.

ANOHNI has presented exhibitions of her visual work at the Nikolaj Kunsthal, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, The Hammer Museum, The Kitchen and Sikkema Jenkins Gallery in New York. She co-facilitated the art project FUTURE FEMINISM presented at The Hole, New York in 2014 and was part of ANOHNI’s artistic residency in Aarhus, European Capital of Culture in 2017.

The Willet-Holthuysen House: The imposing Willet-Holthuysen House is situated in the center of Amsterdam. The house on the Herengracht contains many period rooms. Its beautiful salons are in the style of Louis XIV, and the garden is symmetrically designed as a French formal garden.

Address: Herengracht 605, 1017 CE Amsterdam.
Open daily from 10 a.m. 5 p.m.


june 4 until october 29 – 2023
Willet-Holthuysen House – Amsterdam

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Sophie Marceau: La Souterraine

Les treize histoires et sept poèmes qui composent ce livre se répondent et se complètent:

Au fil des récits, des fables, des fragments de vie, des poésies, il s’agit toujours de dévoiler un mystère, un secret, la part souterraine…

Les mots s’insinuent comme il faut pour toucher ce qu’il y a à toucher, et dire ce qu’il y a à en dire. Avec finesse et intensité.

Et c’est un plaisir de plonger dans ces textes – débordants d’imagination, de fantaisie, basculant souvent de l’observation la plus juste à une imprévisible drôlerie.

Sophie Marceau: actrice, réalisatrice et scénariste, elle publie avec La Souterraine son deuxième livre après Menteuse (Stock, 1996).

Sophie Marceau (Auteur)
La Souterraine
Cinéma, littérature et poésie
Editeur Seghers
Paru le 4 mai 2023
Format: broché
EAN 9782232146831
ISBN 2232146839
SKU 5292114
Nombre de pages 160
Format 14cm x 19cm
€ 17,00

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there is a poem for that: 53ste Poetry International Festival

Het 53ste Poetry International Festival viert dit jaar de grenzeloze verbeeldingskracht van dichters

Hun wonderlijke en onbegrensde kijk op het leven en de wereld is als een onuitputtelijke bron van nieuw inzicht, een deep learning methode op weg naar meer Bruto (Inter) Nationaal Geluk en een fris alternatief scenario voor een duurzamere toekomst.

Dichters hebben werkelijk over alles wel een gedicht geschreven, dus laat je inspireren en verrijk je blik: “Elon Musk is Dying on Mars”? There is a poem for that!

Line-up: Claudia Rankine (Jamaica/VS) – Kei Miller (Jamaica) – Ada Limón (VS) – Rachel Long (Engeland) – Signe Gjessing (Denemarken) – Justin Perez (VS) – Ingmar Heytze (Nederland) – Simone Atangana Bekono (Nederland) – Paul Tran (VS) – Radosław Jurczak (Polen) – Laura Vazquez (Frankrijk) – Ruth Lasters (België) – Ester Naomi Perquin (Nederland) – Theophilus Kwek (Singapore) – Porsha Olayiwola (VS) – Danae Sioziou (Griekenland) – Farhad Showghi (Duitsland) – Jan Lauwereyns (België)
meer namen binnenkort bekend

Mis het niet, koop nu je tickets!
Dagkaarten en passe-partouts voor het festival op 9, 10 en 11 juni 2023 koop je online.

there is a poem for that
53ste Poetry International Festival
9, 10 en 11 juni 2023

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Ian Penman: Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors

Melodrama, biography, cold war thriller, drug memoir, essay in fragments, mystery – Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors is cult critic Ian Penman’s long awaited first original book, a kaleidoscopic study of the late West German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945–1982).

Written quickly under a self-imposed deadline in the spirit of Fassbinder himself, who would often get films made in a matter of weeks or months, Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors presents the filmmaker as a pivotal figure in the late 1970s moment between late modernism and the advent of postmodernism and the digital revolution.

Compelling, beautifully written and genuinely moving, echoing the fragmentary and reflective works of writers like Barthes and Cioran, this is a story that has everything: sex, drugs, art, the city, cinema and revolution.

Ian Penman is a British writer, music journalist, and critic. He began his career at the NME in 1977, later contributing to various publications including The Face, Arena, Tatler, Uncut, Sight & Sound, The Wire, the Guardian, the London Review of Books, and City Journal. He is the author of the collections Vital Signs: Music, Movies, and Other Manias (Serpent’s Tail, 1998) and It Gets Me Home, This Curving Track (Fitzcarraldo Editions, 2019). Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors is his first original book.

Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors
by Ian Penman
Published by Semiotext(e)
ISBN: 9781635901887
Published: May 02, 2023
200 pages

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Vernietigen, nieuwe roman van Michel Houellebecq

November 2026. De Franse presidentsverkiezingen komen er weer aan, de zittende president kan na zijn tweede termijn niet worden herkozen, dus het hele veld ligt open en radicaal rechts maakt een goede kans.

Dan verschijnt er op internet een onmogelijk realistische nepvideo waarin een van de voornaamste kandidaten wordt geëxecuteerd. De verantwoordelijkheid voor het onderzoek komt terecht bij topambtenaar Paul Raison, en over hem gaat dit boek: over zijn pogingen om een grote terroristische dreiging te pareren, maar vooral ook over zijn privéleven, zijn relatie met zijn vrouw, zijn familie.

Michel Houellebecq (1958) is Frankrijks onbetwiste sterschrijver van dit moment. Hij publiceerde essays en poëzie voordat hij zich in 1994 met de roman De wereld als markt en strijd, die bekroond werd met diverse prijzen, opwierp als belofte van de Franse letteren. Die status bevestigde hij met Elementaire deeltjes (Prix Novembre en Impact Dublin Literary Award), dat hem terecht de faam van groot schrijver bezorgde, en Platform. In 2011, 2015 en 2019 verschenen zijn grote romans De kaart en het gebied, Onderworpen en Serotonine. In juni 2022 verscheen een nieuwe editie van zijn essays onder de titel Nader tot de ontreddering. Zijn veelvuldig bekroonde en wereldwijd vertaalde werk is in het Nederlands vertaald door Martin de Haan.

Michel Houellebecq
Vertaling: Martin de Haan
Uitgeverij De Arbeiderspers
608 pagina’s
EAN 9789029545884

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Am I Pretty When I Fly?: An Album of Upside Down Drawings by Joan Baez

Like a long, funny letter from an old friend, an album of drawings by the legendary singer and activist for social justice, Joan Baez.

Since retiring from active performing, Baez has focused her formidable talents on painting and drawing. This collection of drawings shows another side of Baez: lovingly loose and charming sketches on reoccurring themes such as politics, relationships, women, animals, and family.

Each section, organized thematically, includes an introductory piece by the artist. Baez approaches her line drawings as exercises in freedom: she begins drawing upside down—often using her non-dominant hand—without any preconceived notion of where the lines might lead her.

Beginning with her seminal debut album in 1960, Baez has been a musical force of nature of incalculable influence whose earliest recordings fed a host of traditional ballads into the rock vernacular.

In 1963, she introduced Bob Dylan to the world, beginning a tradition of mutual mentoring that continued across her many recordings.

As a lifetime advocate for non-violent social change, she marched on the front line of the civil rights movement with Martin Luther King Jr., shined a spotlight on the Free Speech Movement, took to the fields with Cesar Chavez, organized resistance to the Vietnam War, and inspired Vaclav Havel in his fight for a Czech Republic.

Joan Baez is a dynamic force of nature. Her commitment to music and social activism has earned global recognition, ranging from induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, to the Ambassador of Conscience Award, Amnesty International’s highest honor. Retired from active performing since 2019, she has devoted much of her time to the “Mischief Makers” series of paintings, portraits that immortalize risk-taking visionaries she has known, who have brought about social change through history, from Dr. Martin Luther King and Bob Dylan to the Dalai Lama and Patti Smith.

Am I Pretty When I Fly?:
An Album of Upside Down Drawings
by Joan Baez
Publisher: ‎David R. Godine
Published: 2023
Language: English
‎120 pages
ISBN-10: ‎567927548
ISBN-13: ‎978-1567927542

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Guilty of Journalism. The Political Case Against Julian Assange by Kevin Gosztola

From acclaimed independent journalist Kevin Gosztola, this carefully-documented analysis of the government’s case against Julian Assange and its implications for press freedom acts as a crucial, compelling guidebook to Assange’s upcoming trial.

Guilty of Journalism is a joint production of The Censored Press and Seven Stories Press.

The legal action against Julian Assange is poised to culminate in a trial in the United States in 2023, and this book will help the public understand the proceedings. The establishment media’s coverage of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition case has focused on his deteriorating health and what CBS News called his “secret family,” but most of this coverage failed to detail the complex issues at stake against Assange.

Guilty of Journalism outlines how WikiLeaks exposed the reality of American wars, the United States government’s unprecedented indictment against Assange as a publisher, and the media’s role in persuading the public to “shoot the messenger.”

This new book by Kevin Gosztola, who has spent the last decade covering Assange, WikiLeaks, and the wider war on whistleblowers, tells the full story based on testimony from dozens of witnesses. It examines abuses of power by the CIA and the FBI, including a spying operation that targeted Assange’s family, lawyers, and doctors. Guilty of Journalism offers a balanced and comprehensive perspective on all the events leading up to what press freedom advocates have called the trial of the century.

Kevin Gosztola has spent the last decade reporting on Assange, WikiLeaks, and the wider war on whistleblowers. He is cofounder and managing editor of Shadowproof, an independent news outlet focused on systemic abuses of power in business and government, and the curator of The Dissenter newsletter. Gosztola also produces and co-hosts the weekly podcast, “Unauthorized Disclosure.” His work has appeared in outlets such as The Nation, Salon, Common Dreams, and Truthout, and he has been a featured guest on Democracy Now!, The Real News Network, CounterSpin, and Al Jazeera English. He is coauthor of Truth and Consequences: The US vs. Bradley Manning (Sinclair Books, 2012; with Greg Mitchell).

Guilty of Journalism
The Political Case Against Julian Assange
by Kevin Gosztola
Foreword by Abby Martin
Seven Stories Press
Publish Date: 07-03-2023
ISBN: 9781644212721
Pages: 256

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Julie Gayet: Ensemble on est plus fortes

On ne nait pas féministe, on le devient.

Pour cette raison, peut-être, je me suis demandé : Et si c’était moi la femme bafouée, la femme battue, la gamine prostituée, jetée à la rue, la patiente qui souffre d’endométriose, ou la militante harcelée sur les réseaux ?

Si c’était moi celle qu’on humilie, si c’était moi celle qu’on viole ou celle qu’on tue? Je n’ai rien subi de tout ça. Quel droit, alors, ai-je de parler? Et bien leurs droits à elles, justement.

Des droits qui continuent à être, tous les jours, foulés aux pieds.

Et parce qu’il faut encore le dire, le marteler, le hurler, et que je peux (veux) faire entendre ma voix, voici : un peu de moi, pour énormément d’elles”.

J. G. Depuis une dizaine d’années, ses aventures d’actrice et de productrice ont mené Julie Gayet sur les chemins du féminisme, bien avant la vague Metoo. Un féminisme fort, sincère et concret, loin de la posture. Un féminisme qui trouve ses racines au plus profond de sa propre histoire, avec cette certitude chevillée au corps : ensemble, on est plus fortes. A travers les portraits de celles qu’elle admire pour leurs engagements auprès des femmes, elle se livre elle-même ici, en creux, comme rarement. Un ouvrage pudique, tendre, violent, drôle parfois. Absolument nécessaire.

Julie Gayet est comédienne, réalisatrice et productrice. Elle participe à de nombreux films et courts métrages et fonde en 2007 sa propre maison de production, Rouge International. Elle est membre du collectif 50/50 qui vise la parité au cinéma. À titre personnel, Julie Gayet est engagée pour les droits des femmes et la lutte contre les violences dont elles sont victimes. En 2015, elle fonde l’association Info-Endométriose avec le Dr Chrysoula Zacharopoulou. Engagée aux côtés de la Fondation des Femmes depuis le lancement du mouvement #metoo en 2017, Julie Gayet organise chaque année le Gala de la Fondation des Femmes ainsi que le Prix Gisèle Halimi, un concours d’éloquence qui dénonce le sexisme par le verbe ou encore la campagne #RegardeMoiBien.

Ensemble on est plus fortes
Auteur: Julie Gayet
Mathieu Busson (Contributeur)
Éditions Stock, 2023
Collection Essais Documents
Date de parution: 08/03/2023
252 pages
Dimensions: 13,5 cm × 21,5 cm × 2,1 cm
ISBN: 978-2-234-09233-4
EAN: 9782234092334
Prix: € 19.00

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BOEKENWEEK 2023: 11 t/m 19 maart

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The Philosophy of Modern Song by Bob Dylan

The Philosophy of Modern Song is Bob Dylan’s first book of new writing since 2004’s Chronicles: Volume One—and since winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016.

Dylan, who began working on the book in 2010, offers his extraordinary insight into the nature of popular music.

He writes over sixty essays focusing on songs by other artists, spanning from Stephen Foster to Elvis Costello, and in between ranging from Hank Williams to Nina Simone.

He analyzes what he calls the trap of easy rhymes, breaks down how the addition of a single syllable can diminish a song, and even explains how bluegrass relates to heavy metal.

These essays are written in Dylan’s unique prose. They are mysterious and mercurial, poignant and profound, and often laugh-out-loud funny. And while they are ostensibly about music, they are really meditations and reflections on the human condition.

Running throughout the book are nearly 150 carefully curated photos as well as a series of dream-like riffs that, taken together, resemble an epic poem and add to the work’s transcendence.

In 2020, with the release of his outstanding album Rough and Rowdy Ways, Dylan became the first artist to have an album hit the Billboard Top 40 in each decade since the 1960s.

The Philosophy of Modern Song contains much of what he has learned about his craft in all those years, and like everything that Dylan does, it is a momentous artistic achievement.

Bob Dylan has released thirty-nine studio albums, which collectively have sold over 125 million copies around the world. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature and has been awarded the French Legion of Honor, a Pulitzer Prize Special Citation, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the country’s highest civilian honor. His memoir, Chronicles: Volume One, spent a year on the New York Times bestseller list.

The Philosophy of Modern Song
by Bob Dylan
Publisher: ‎Simon & Schuster
November 1, 2022
Language: English
352 pages
ISBN-10: 1451648707
ISBN-13: 978-1451648706

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The Story of Art Without Men by Katy Hessel

The story of art as it’s never been told before, from the Renaissance to the present day, with more than 300 works of art.

How many women artists do you know? Who makes art history? Did women even work as artists before the twentieth century? And what is the Baroque anyway?

Guided by Katy Hessel, art historian and founder of @thegreatwomenartists, discover the glittering paintings by Sofonisba Anguissola of the Renaissance, the radical work of Harriet Powers in the nineteenth-century United States and the artist who really invented the “readymade.”

Explore the Dutch Golden Age, the astonishing work of postwar artists in Latin America, and the women defining art in the 2020s.

Have your sense of art history overturned and your eyes opened to many artforms often ignored or dismissed. From the Cornish coast to Manhattan, Nigeria to Japan, this is the history of art as it’s never been told before.

Katy Hessel is an art historian, presenter, and curator dedicated to celebrating female artists. The founder of @thegreatwomenartists on Instagram and the podcast of the same name, she lives in London.

The Story of Art Without Men
by Katy Hessel
May 2, 2023
Publisher: ‎W. W. Norton & Company (May 2, 2023)
Language: English
100 color illustrations
512 pages
ISBN-10: ‎0393881865
ISBN-13: ‎978-0393881868

This title will be released on May 2, 2023.

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Alessandro Portelli: Hard Rain. Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures, and the Meaning of History

Bob Dylan’s iconic 1962 song “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” stands at the crossroads of musical and literary traditions.

A visionary warning of impending apocalypse, it sets symbolist imagery within a structure that recalls a centuries-old form. Written at the height of the 1960s folk music revival amid the ferment of political activism, the song strongly resembles—and at the same time reimagines—a traditional European ballad sung from Scotland to Italy, known in the English-speaking world as “Lord Randal.”

Alessandro Portelli explores the power and resonance of “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall,” considering the meanings of history and memory in folk cultures and in Dylan’s work. He examines how the ballad tradition to which “Lord Randal” belongs shaped Dylan’s song and how Dylan drew on oral culture to depict the fears and crises of his own era. Portelli recasts the song as an encounter between Dylan’s despairing vision, which questions the meaning and direction of history, and the message of resilience and hope for survival despite history’s nightmares found in oral traditions.

A wide-ranging work of oral history, Hard Rain weaves together interviews from places as varied as Italy, England, and India with Portelli’s autobiographical reflections and critical analysis, speaking to the enduring appeal of Dylan’s music. By exploring the motley traditions that shaped Dylan’s work, this book casts the distinctiveness and depth of his songwriting in a new light.

Alessandro Portelli is professor emeritus of American literature at the University of Rome and was for many years a faculty member of the Columbia Oral History Summer Institute. His books include The Text and the Voice: Writing, Speaking, Democracy, and American Literature (Columbia, 1994) and They Say in Harlan County: An Oral History (2011).

Alessandro Portelli:
Hard Rain.
Bob Dylan, Oral Cultures,
and the Meaning of History
Pub Date: May 2022
Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231205931
200 Pages
Format: Paperback
List Price: £20.00

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