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Stein, Gertrude

· Gertrude STEIN: America · Gertrude STEIN: A Long Dress · Gertrude STEIN: Daughter · Gertrude STEIN: Cézanne · Gertrude STEIN: A Mounted Umbrella

Gertrude STEIN: America

Gertrude Stein



Once in English they said America.
Was it English to them.
Once they said Belgian.
We like a fog.
Do you for weather.
Are we brave.
Are we true.
Have we the national colour.
Can we stand ditches.
Can we mean well.
Do we talk together.
Have we red cross.
A great many people speak of feet.
And socks.


Gertrude Stein poetry magazine

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Gertrude STEIN: A Long Dress

Gertrude Stein



A Long Dress

That is the current that makes machinery,

that makes it crackle,

what is the current that presents a long line and a necessary waist.

What is this current.

What is the wind, what is it.

Where is the serene length,

it is there and a dark place is not a dark place,

only a white and red are black, only a yellow and green are blue,

a pink is scarlet, a bow is every color. A line distinguishes it.

A line just distinguishes it.


Gertrude Stein poetry magazine

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Gertrude STEIN: Daughter

Gertrude Stein




Why is the world at peace.

This may astonish you a little but when you realise how

easily Mrs. Charles Bianco sells the work of American

painters to American millionaires you will recognize that

authorities are constrained to be relieved. Let me tell you a

story. A painter loved a woman. A musician did not sing.

A South African loved books. An American was a woman

and needed help. Are Americans the same as incubators.

But this is the rest of the story. He became an authority.


Gertrude Stein poetry magazine

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Gertrude STEIN: Cézanne

Gertrude Stein



The Irish lady can say, that to-day is every day. Caesar can say that

every day is to-day and they say that every day is as they say.

In this way we have a place to stay and he was not met because

he was settled to stay. When I said settled I meant settled to stay.

When I said settled to stay I meant settled to stay Saturday. In this

way a mouth is a mouth. In this way if in as a mouth if in as a

mouth where, if in as a mouth where and there. Believe they have

water too. Believe they have that water too and blue when you see

blue, is all blue precious too, is all that that is precious too is all

that and they meant to absolve you. In this way Cézanne nearly did

nearly in this way. Cézanne nearly did nearly did and nearly did.

And was I surprised. Was I very surprised. Was I surprised. I was

surprised and in that patient, are you patient when you find bees.

Bees in a garden make a specialty of honey and so does honey. Honey

and prayer. Honey and there. There where the grass can grow nearly

four times yearly.


Gertrude Stein (1874-1946) poetry magazine

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Gertrude STEIN: A Mounted Umbrella

Gertrude Stein


A Mounted Umbrella

What was the use of not leaving it there where it would hang what was the use if there was no chance of ever seeing it come there and show that it was handsome and right in the way it showed it. The lesson is to learn that it does show it, that it shows it and that nothing, that there is nothing, that there is no more to do about it and just so much more is there plenty of reason for making an exchange.

Gertrude Stein: A mounted umbrella magazine

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