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Gertrud Kolmar: Komm


Du hast meinem Munde die reife Granatfrucht geschenkt,
Des Apfels starken Saft, erzeugende Kerne,
Hast in die Himmelsgründe kristallen wachsender Sterne
Wurzeln des Rebstocks versenkt.

Blau schwellen Trauben: koste.

Siehe, ich bin ein Garten, den du gen Abend erreicht,
Fiebrige Arme an schlanker silberner Pforte zu kühlen,
Im verstummten Geäst Aprikose zu fühlen,
Bin unterm südlichen Hauch, der die Ruhende streicht,

Eine schmale, blasse Wiese.

Erschauerndes Gräsergefilde, lieg ich bereit und bloß;
Mitternachtsglut schloß mir Lippen bebender Winde zu,
Doch die verborgenste Blüte öffnet den purpurnen Schoß:

Du … komm…

Spüre, ich bin die Frau; meine klugen Finger erfüllen
Milchiges Porzellan mit Gewürzen der Lust,
Gießen zaubrisches Naß. Du spreitest aus Hüllen
Schlagenden Fittich, taumelst an meine Brust,

Sinkst, ein großes, lastendes Glück, in Tiefen.

Sanfter nun trägt dich die Flut, streichelt lässig die Flanken
Wuchtendem Schiffe, das drüben im Hafen war
Mit ragenden Schornsteintürmen, Masten hoher Gedanken;
Fühlst du die Möwe wehn dir durch rauchig wirbelndes

Gertrud Kolmar
gedicht: Komm magazine

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Catherine Millet: Aimer Lawrence

“Il fallait bien qu’un jour je croise la route de Lady Chatterley. J’ai fait mieux, je suis tombée amoureuse de celui qui l’imagina, D. H. Lawrence, à cause de sa figure de mauvais coucheur, à cause de l’extraordinaire sensibilité de son “écriture androgyne” dont parlait Anaïs Nin.

Pendant deux ans, je n’ai pas quitté cet amateur des grands espaces qui, lorsqu’il écrivait, ne s’est jamais encombré des barrières du surmoi. J’ai voulu faire redécouvrir cet auteur célèbre qui n’est plus assez lu, contemporain des suffragettes, et qui vécut entouré de femmes libres. Il avait compris qu’au vortex de leur émancipation et de leurs revendications se trouvait le plein accomplissement de leur jouissance sexuelle.”  Catherine Millet.

Catherine Millet
Aimer Lawrence
Paru le 20/09/2017
Genre: Essais littéraires
304 pages
138 x 210 mm
ISBN-10: 2081372614
ISBN-13: 978-2081372610
Editeur : Flammarion
Langue : Français

new books magazine

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Out now: Kerouac on Record. A Literary Soundtrack


Out now:
Kerouac on Record ◊ A Literary Soundtrack
Edited by Simon Warner and Jim Sampas

Co-edited by Jack Kerouac’s nephew, including pieces written by Kerouac himself as well as interviews from major literary and musical figures including Allen Ginsberg, Lee Konitz and David Amram, Kerouac on Record gives a unique insight into how Kerouac brought his passion for jazz to his full creative output.

Kerouac on Record is the touchstone for the music of Kerouac – Kerouac’s love for music, the depth of its influence on his work, and the influence that his work continues to extend to waves of contemporary musicians, from David Bowie and Janis Joplin to Sonic Youth. It is a book rife with the work of cultural icons, essential for any fan of the Beat Generation and popular music alike.

About Kerouac on Record
He was the leading light of the Beat Generation writers and the most dynamic author of his time, but Jack Kerouac also had a lifelong passion for music, particularly the mid-century jazz of New York City, the development of which he witnessed first-hand during the 1940s with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk to the fore.

The novelist, most famous for his 1957 book On the Road, admired the sounds of bebop and attempted to bring something of their original energy to his own writing, a torrent of semi-autobiographical stories he published between 1950 and his early death in 1969.

Yet he was also drawn to American popular music of all kinds – from the blues to Broadway ballads – and when he came to record albums under his own name, he married his unique spoken word style with some of the most talented musicians on the scene.

Kerouac’s musical legacy goes well beyond the studio recordings he made himself: his influence infused generations of music makers who followed in his work – from singer-songwriters to rock bands.

Some of the greatest transatlantic names – Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead, Van Morrison and David Bowie, Janis Joplin and Tom Waits, Sonic Youth and Death Cab for Cutie, and many more – credited Kerouac’s impact on their output.

In Kerouac on Record, we consider how the writer brought his passion for jazz to his prose and poetry, his own record releases, the ways his legacy has been sustained by numerous more recent talents, those rock tributes that have kept his memory alive and some of the scores that have featured in Hollywood adaptations of the adventures he brought to the printed page.

1. Jack Kerouac’s Jazz Scene Jim Burns – 2. 2nd Chorus: Blues: Jack Kerouac Larry Beckett – 3. Duet for Saxophone and Pen: Lee Konitz and the Direct Influence of Jazz on the Development of Jack Kerouac’s ‘Spontaneous Prose’ Style Marian Jago Interview 1: Lee Konitz Marian Jago – 4. Jack Kerouac Goes Vinyl: A Sonic Journey into Kerouac’s Three LPs: Poetry for the Beat Generation; Blues and Haikus; and Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation Jonah Raskin  – 5. Art Music: Listening to Kerouac’s ‘Mexico City Blues’ A. Robert Lee Interview 2: David Amram Pat Thomas – 6. Beat Refrains: Music, Milieu and Identity in Jack Kerouac’s The Subterraneans, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Film Adaptation Michael Prince – 7. Bob Dylan’s Beat Visions (Sonic Poetry) Michael Goldberg – 8. Carrying a Torch for Ti Jean Paul Marion Interview 3: Richard Meltzer Michael Goldberg – 9. The Grateful Dead: Jack Manifested as Music Brian Hassett – 10. Driver Mark Bliesener – 11. Jim Morrison/Angel of Fire Jay Jeff Jones – 12. Light is Faster than Sound: Texans, the Beats and the San Francisco Counterculture Holly George-Warren – 13. Hit the Road, Jack: Van Morrison and On the Road Peter Mills – 14. Detecting Jack Kerouac and Joni Mitchell: A Literary/Legal (Not Musicological) Investigation into the Search for Influence Nancy Grace – 15. Kerouac and Country Music Matt Theado – 16. ‘Straight from the Mind to the Voice’: Spectral Persistence in Jack Kerouac and Tom Waits Douglas Field Interview 4: Barney Hoskyns Simon Warner – 17. From Beat Bop Prosody to Punk Rock Poetry: Patti Smith and Jack Kerouac; Literature, Lineage, Legacy Ronna Johnson Poems: Marc Zegans  Interview 6: Allen Ginsberg Pat Thomas – 18. Tramps Like Them: Jack and Bruce and the Myth of the American Road Simon Morrison Interview 5: Graham Parker Pat Thomas – 19. Punk and New Wave James Sullivan – Interview 7: Jim DeRogatis on Lester Bangs James Sullivan – 20. The Tribute Recordings Jim Sampas and Simon Warner  –  Jack Kerouac Biography –  Jack Kerouac Discography Dave Moore  –  Tribute Discography –  Kerouac/Cassady Song List Dave Moore/Horst Spandler

Simon Warner
is a journalist, lecturer and broadcaster who teaches Popular Music Studies at the University of Leeds in the UK. He has, over a number of years, written live reviews and counterculture obituaries for The Guardian and The Independent, and has a particular interest in the relationship between the Beat Generation writers–Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs and others–and rock culture. His previous books include Rockspeak: The Language of Rock and Pop (1996) and Howl for Now: A Celebration of Allen Ginsberg’s epic protest poem (2005). – Writes: Popular Music, North American Literature – Author of : Kerouac on Record, Text and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Jim Sampas
is a music and film producer. His musical works often focuses on major cultural figures such Jack Kerouac (who is his Uncle), The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Smiths, Bob Dylan, and The Rolling Stones. He has persuaded a galaxy of stars to partake of a unique aesthetic marriage, as vintage works are resurrected in contemporary arrangements in projects covered by such major news outlets as People Magazine, NPR, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, and many others. – Writes: Popular Music, North American Literature – Author of: Kerouac on Record

Following Text and Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Beats and Rock Culture (2013), Simon Warner partners with Literary Executor of the Estate of Jack Kerouac, Jim Sampas, to go deeper into his exploration of the connections between the great figures of the Beat generation and the music of the so-called ‘rock era.’ Interspersed with exclusive interviews of the likes of Lee Konitz, Graham Parker, Lester Bangs, and Allen Ginsberg, the twenty chapters are signed by an impressive array of journalists, music industry professionals, rock critics, writers, film makers and academics from all over the world. Addressing such issues as the influence of jazz on Kerouac’s ‘spontaneous prose’ style, the lineage between his ‘Beat bop prosody’ and Patti Smith‘s ‘punk rock poetry,’ or his inspiring ‘the myth of the American road’ in Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics, they shed light on what appears to be a two-way relationship between popular music and the work of the author of On the Road. As Warner puts it: ‘if, for Kerouac, it was jazz that would have the principal impact, then it was rock on which the writer would have the main effect.’” – Olivier Julien, Lecturer in the History and Musicology of Popular Music, Paris-Sorbonne University, France

Kerouac on Record
A Literary Soundtrack
By: Simon Warner, Jim Sampas
Published: 08-03-2018
Format: Hardback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 480
ISBN: 9781501323348
Imprint: Bloomsbury Academic
Dimensions: 229 x 152 mm
RRP: £28.00

Kerouac on Record
A Literary Soundtrack magazine

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Gertrud Kolmar: Du



Du. Ich will dich in den Wassern wecken!
Du. Ich will dich aus den Sternen schweißen!
Du. Ich will dich von dem Irdnen lecken,
Eine Hündin! Dich aus Früchten beißen,
Eine Wilde! Du. Ich will so vieles –
Liebes. Liebstes. Kannst du dich nicht spenden?
Nicht am Ende des Levkojenstieles
Deine weiße Blüte zu mir wenden?

Sieh, ich ging so oft auf harten Wegen,
Auf verpflastert harten, bösen Straßen;
Ich verdarb, verblich an Glut und Regen,
Schluchzend, stammelnd: “. . . über alle Maßen . . .”
Und die Pauke und das Blasrohr lärmten,
Und ich kam mit einer goldnen Kette,
Tanzte unter Lichtern, die mich wärmten,
Schönen Lichtern auf der Schädelstätte.

Und ich möchte wohl in Gärten sitzen,
Auch den Wein wohl trinken aus der Kelter,
Doch die Lider klafften, trübe Ritzen,
Und ich ward in Augenblicken älter.
Und auf meinen Leichnam hingekrochen
Ist die Schnecke träger Arbeitstage,
Zog den Schleimpfad dünner grauer Wochen,
Schlaffer Freude und geringer Plage.

In den Wäldern bin ich umgetrieben.
Ich verriet den Vögeln deinen Namen,
Doch die Vögel sind mir ferngeblieben;
Wenn ich weinte, zirpte keiner: Amen.
Und die Scheckenkühe an den Rainen
Grasten fort mit seltnem Häupterheben.
Da entfloh ich wieder zu den Steinen,
Die mir dieses Kind, mein Kind nicht geben.

Einmal muß ich noch im Finstren kauern
Und das Göttliche zu mir versammeln,
Es beschwören durch getünchte Mauern,
Seinem Ausgang meine Tür verrammeln,
Bis zum bunten Morgen mit ihm ringen.
Ach, es wird den Segen nimmer sprechen,
Nur mit seinem Schlag der erznen Schwingen
Diese flehnde Stirn in Stücke brechen…

Gertrud Kolmar
gedicht: Du magazine

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Gertrud Kolmar : Nächte



Deine Hände keimen in Finsternissen,
Und ich seh nicht, wie sie blühn,
Atmend aus dem Schnee der Kissen.

Wogengrau verglitzern deine Augen;
Meine Wange leckt ihr Schaum.
Nelkenrote Quallen saugen . . .
Süßes Harz von weißem Birkenbaum

Tropft die Stille goldbraun nieder . . .
O breiter Flügel, zuckender Schulter entstiegen !
O bleicher Schwanenflügel, der mich beschattet!
O Nacken, flaumige Brust, o Leib, den ein Wiegen
Verschilfter Bucht umschläfert, zärtlich ermattet !

Libellensirrendes Wispern . . .

Gertrud Kolmar
gedicht: Nächte magazine

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Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire. A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character by Kay Redfield Jamison

In this magisterial study of the relationship between illness and art, the best-selling author of An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison, brings an entirely fresh understanding to the work and life of Robert Lowell (1917-1977), whose intense, complex, and personal verse left a lasting mark on the English language and changed the public discourse about private matters.

In his Pulitzer Prize-winning poetry, Robert Lowell put his manic-depressive illness (now known as bipolar disorder) into the public domain, creating a language for madness that was new and arresting. As Dr. Jamison brings her expertise in mood disorders to bear on Lowell’s story, she illuminates not only the relationships among mania, depression, and creativity but also the details of Lowell’s treatment and how illness and treatment influenced the great work that he produced (and often became its subject).

Lowell’s New England roots, early breakdowns, marriages to three eminent writers, friendships with other poets such as Elizabeth Bishop, his many hospitalizations, his vivid presence as both a teacher and a maker of poems—Jamison gives us the poet’s life through a lens that focuses our understanding of his intense discipline, courage, and commitment to his art. Jamison had unprecedented access to Lowell’s medical records, as well as to previously unpublished drafts and fragments of poems, and she is the first biographer to have spoken with his daughter, Harriet Lowell. With this new material and a psychologist’s deep insight, Jamison delivers a bold, sympathetic account of a poet who was—both despite and because of mental illness—a passionate, original observer of the human condition.

Kay Redfield Jamison is the Dalio Family Professor in Mood Disorders and a professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, as well as an honorary professor of English at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She is the author of the national best sellers An Unquiet Mind, Night Falls Fast, and Touched with Fire, and is the coauthor of the standard medical text on bipolar disorder, Manic-Depressive Illness: Bipolar Disorders and Recurrent Depression. Dr. Jamison is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Royal Society of Edinburgh and is a recipient of the Lewis Thomas Prize, the Sarnat International Prize in Mental Health from the National Academy of Medicine, and a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellowship. She is married to Thomas Traill, a cardiologist at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire
A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character
By Kay Redfield Jamison
Literary Figure Biographies & Memoirs
Feb 06, 2018
560 Pages
Published by Vintage
ISBN 9780307744616

new books magazine

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Nexus-symposium: An Education in Counterculture in DeLaMar Theater Amsterdam

Counterculture, die term muntte socioloog Theodore Roszak voor de maatschappelijke revolte in de zestiger jaren. De hoofdstad van deze tegencultuur was New York. Eerst als broedplaats voor nieuwe visies op de kunst, het leven en de wereld: de poëzie van de Beatgeneration; de muziek van Bob Dylan; seks, drugs en rock-’n-roll. Maar later ook als strijdperk voor de Burgerrechtenbeweging, het verzet tegen de oorlog in Vietnam en tegen een materialistische, autoritaire samenleving.

Zangeres en schrijfster Patti Smith, haar gitarist en rock-’n-roll-historicus Lenny Kaye, en Dylan-biograaf Sean Wilentz – wiens vader de boekhandel 8th Street Books bestierde, waar de Beatgeneration van Allen Ginsberg opbloeide – beleefden, vormden en beschreven deze bijzondere jaren.

Een middag lang vertellen zij, aan de hand van beelden en muziek, het verhaal over wat het was en wat het voor ons nu nog kan betekenen: An Education in Counterculture.

Patti Smith
Verenigde Staten, 1946, zangeres, dichteres en ‘Godmother of Punk’
Patti Smith is zangeres en dichteres. Als ‘Godmother of Punk’ protesteerde zij met krachtige, controversiële muziek tegen de gevestigde orde en wezenloze fabrieksarbeid in de vercommercialiseerde wereld. Ze groeide op met de muziek van Bob Dylan, leefde samen met fotograaf Robert Mapplethorpe en werd een bekend gezicht in de turbulente New Yorkse kunstscene.
In 1974 begon Smith op te treden met gitarist Lenny Kaye, met wie ze nog steeds de kern van de band The Patti Smith Group vormt. Haar debuutalbum Horses (1975) wordt gezien als een van de invloedrijkste albums in de geschiedenis van de rockmuziek. Samen met Bruce Springsteen schreef ze Because the Night, haar grootste hit. Naast vele albums schreef Smith ook dichtbundels en boeken, waaronder Just Kids (2010), haar bekroonde autobiografie over het leven in New York in de jaren zeventig en haar relatie met Mapplethorpe.

Lenny Kaye
Verenigde Staten, 1946, gitarist, componist en schrijver
Lenny Kaye is gitarist, componist en schrijver. Als jonge zanger en gitarist toerde en speelde hij met verschillende bands en werkte hij als journalist voor Amerikaanse muziekbladen. Begin jaren zeventig ontmoette hij Patti Smith in de platenzaak in New York waar hij werkte. Kaye maakte elf albums met The Patti Smith Group en speelde ook in de Jim Caroll Band en Lenny Kaye Connection. Daarnaast werkte hij samen met vele andere prominente musici en artiesten, waaronder Allen Ginsberg, R.E.M. en Suzanne Vega. Momenteel werkt hij aan zijn boek Lightning Striking, over de geschiedenis van de rock-’n-roll. In 2011 werd Kaye geridderd tot Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres.

Sean Wilentz
Verenigde Staten, 1951, historicus en biograaf van Bob Dylan
Sean Wilentz is schrijver en hoogleraar Amerikaanse geschiedenis aan Princeton. Zijn vader Eli Wilentz was eigenaar van 8th Street Bookshop, het literaire middelpunt van New York in de jaren vijftig en zestig. Zo groeide Wilentz op tussen grootheden van de Beatgeneration zoals Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg en William S. Burroughs, die de boekhandel geregeld bezochten. Wilentz studeerde aan Columbia en Oxford, en promoveerde aan Yale. Zijn bekendste werken zijn het monumentale The Rise of American Democracy (2005); The Age of Reagan (2008); en Bob Dylan in America (2010), over Dylans plaats in de Amerikaanse cultuurgeschiedenis. Wilentz is huishistoricus van de officiële site van Bob Dylan, en schrijft geregeld voor onder meer The New Republic, The New York Times Book Review en Dissent.

An Education in Counterculture
26 mei 2018
13.30 – 17.30
DeLaMar Theater Amsterdam

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Roswitha Mair: Käthe Kollwitz. Ein Leben gegen jede Konvention

Sie gilt als Künstlerin des sozialen Elends und der schmerzlichen Tragik des Krieges – Käthe Kollwitz.

Fröhlich, unkonventionell, sinnlich, neugierig – all das ist sie Zeit ihres Lebens. Immer wieder bricht Kollwitz mit gängigen Konventionen. So reist die Mutter von zwei Kindern etwa 1904 alleine nach Paris – eigentlich undenkbar zu dieser Zeit -, um die Kunst des plastischen Gestaltens zu lernen. Dort trifft sie u.a. auf Rodin.

Als zu Beginn des Ersten Weltkrieges ihr Sohn ums Leben kommt, beherrscht dieses Trauma über viele Jahre ihr Leben wie auch ihre Kunst.1919 wird sie als erste Frau Professorin an der Preußischen Akademie der Künste, bis nach Hitlers Machtergreifung ein dunkler Schatten über das Land zieht und sich auch auf ihr Leben legt.

Eine tiefgründige Romanbiografie, die das außergewöhnliche Leben dieser beeindruckenden Künstlerin facettenreich einfängt.

Roswitha Mair, Dr. phil., ist Kunsthistorikerin und lebt in Innsbruck. Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen und Beiträge zur Kunst des 20. Jahrhunderts sowie Organisation und Konzeption von Kunstausstellungen.

Roswitha Mair :
Käthe Kollwitz.
Ein Leben gegen jede Konvention.
‘Herder Spektrum Taschenbücher’
Herder Verlag GmbH
Juni 2017
231 Seiten
Kartoniert – Broschiert
Sprache: Deutsch
EAN: 9783451069734
ISBN: 3451069733

new books magazine

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My Name Is Venus Black. A Novel by Heather Lloyd

In this riveting, heartfelt debut, a young woman assumes a new name to escape her dark past and find the redemption she desperately seeks.

“A terrific debut, told gently, honestly, and with a generous amount of hope.”—New York Times bestselling author Jamie Ford

Venus Black is a straitlaced A student fascinated by the study of astronomy—until the night she commits a shocking crime that tears her family apart and ignites a media firestorm. Venus refuses to talk about what happened or why, except to blame her mother. Adding to the mystery, Venus’s developmentally challenged younger brother, Leo, goes missing.

More than five years later, Venus is released from prison with a suitcase of used clothes, a fake identity, and a determination to escape her painful past. Estranged from her mother, and with her beloved brother still missing, she sets out to make a fresh start in Seattle, skittish and alone. But as new people enter her orbit—including a romantic interest and a young girl who seems like a mirror image of her former lost self—old wounds resurface, and Venus realizes that she can’t find a future while she’s running from her past.

In this gripping story, debut novelist Heather Lloyd brilliantly captures ordinary lives thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Told through a constellation of captivating voices, My Name Is Venus Black explores the fluidity of right and wrong, the pain of betrayal, and the meaning of love and family.

Heather Lloyd, who has spent many years working as an editor and writing coach, lives with her husband in New York City. My Name Is Venus Black is her first novel.

My Name Is Venus Black
A Novel
By Heather Lloyd
Category: Crime Mysteries
Hardcover : $27.00
Publ.: Feb 27, 2018
368 Pages
ISBN 9780399592188
Publ. by The Dial Press

new books magazine

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Robert Lowell: New Selected Poems

Gathered on the occasion of Robert Lowell’s one hundredth birthday, New Selected Poems offers a fresh and illuminating representation of one of the great careers in twentieth-century poetry.

The renowned and controversial author of many books of poems, plays, and translations, Lowell was one of the United States’ most honoured poets, winning the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry in 1947 and 1974, the National Book Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

His ongoing interrogation of his family legacy, his personal struggle with manic depression, and his mastery of the tradition of poetry in English formed the groundbreaking autobiographical foundation of Life Studies (1959) and the books that followed it, including For the Union Dead (1964), Near the Ocean (1967), History (1973), and Day by Day (1977).

Katie Peterson’s incisive selection of Lowell’s poems draws attention to ‘the perishability of life, its twinned quality of fragility and repetition, as framed by the structured evanescence of daily consciousness.’ Lowell’s own intense dramas and struggles are the substrate he drew on in his restless search to make sense of, and fix, shape-shifting experience – not his, but ours. As Peterson says, Lowell was ‘constitutionally immune to any stultifying permanence either of form or of spirit.’  Her brilliant new reading of Lowell shows us his work constantly breaking, renewing, transforming, as he strives restlessly, over and over, to find an elusive unity.

Robert Lowell (1917-1977) was born in Boston. He was recognised as an accomplished poet in his own lifetime, and along with Elizabeth Bishop, John Berryman and Sylvia Plath he created the fashion and generated the force of American poetry over the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Life Studies, published in 1959, marked a watershed. It initiated an autobiographical project which would dominate his oeuvre thereafter, and is now regarded as one of the most influential books of the century. He received a Pulitzer Prize for Lord Weary’s Castle (1946) and another for The Dolphin (1973).

New Selected Poems
by Robert Lowell (Author),‎
Katie Peterson (Editor)
ISBN 9780571339488
Format Paperback
Published 03/08/2017
Length 272 pages
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0374251339
ISBN-13: 978-0374251338

new poetry books magazine

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Old Angel Midnight by Jack Kerouac

Old Angel Midnight is a treasure trove of Kerouac’s experiments with automatic writing, a method he practiced constantly to sharpen his imaginative reflexes.

Recorded in a series of notebooks between 1956-1959, what Kerouac called his “endless automatic writing piece” began while he shared a cabin with poet Gary Snyder.

Kerouac tried to emulate Snyder’s daily Buddhist meditation discipline, using the technique of “letting go” to free his mind for pure spontaneous writing, annotating the stream of words flowing through his consciousness in response to auditory stimuli and his own mental images.

Kerouac continued his exercise in spontaneous composition over the next three years, including a period spent with William Burroughs in Tangiers. He made no revisions to the automatic writing entries in his notebooks, which were collected and transcribed for publication as originally written.

Old Angel Midnight attests to the success of Kerouac’s experiment and bears witness to his commitment to his craft, and to the pleasure he takes in writing: “I like the bliss of mind.”

“Kerouac’s ambition to capture the living moment (crucially for him, recapitulating memory) developed poetic form in 1954 with his collection San Francisco Blues, and it reached greater fulfilment with the sixty-seven free-association passages of Old Angel Midnight. This new edition from City Light Books adds one more, found among Kerouac’s papers by John Sampas, concluding ‘Eyes of Ray Charles see Me here realize O Holy.’ Mostly written during April 1956 when Kerouac shared a shack with Gary Snyder in rural Mill Valley, outside San Francisco, Old Angel Midnight was likely facilitated by the ‘letting go’ technique he observed from Snyder’s Buddhist meditation.” – Jules Smith – The Times Literary Supplement

“Tried to warn all of you, essence of stuff wont do
— God why did you make the world?
Answer: –Because I gwt pokla renamash ta va in
ming the atss are you forever with it?
I like the bliss of mind.
Awright I’ll call up all the fuckin Gods, right now!
Parya! Arrive! Ya damn hogfuckin lick lip twillerin
fishmonger! Kiss my purple royal ass baboon! Poota!
Whore! You and yr retinues of chariots & fucks! Devadatta!
Angel of Mercy! Prick! Lover! Mush! Run on
ya dog eared kiss willying nilly Dexter Michigan ass—
warlerin ratpole! The rat in my cellar’s an old canuck who
wasnt fooled by rebirth but b God gotta admit I was born for
the same reason I bring this glass to my lip — ?
Rut! Old God whore, the key to ecstasy is forevermore
furthermore blind! Potanyaka! God of Mercy!”
Excerpt from ‘Old Angel Midnight’ by Jack Kerouac

Old Angel Midnight
Jack Kerouac
Preface by Ann Charters, Michael McClure
Collection City Lights/Grey Fox
Publisher City Lights Publishers
Paperback, $13.95
Pages 94
Publication 2016
ISBN-10 087286703X
ISBN-13 9780872867031 magazine

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Biografie Lucebert door Wim Hazeu

Lucebert verscheen als een komeet, zo schreef Gerrit Kouwenaar, en maakte zich binnen vijf jaar als dichter en later als schilder waar. Tot op de dag van vandaag wordt hij gezien als een van de grootste dichters in ons taalgebied.

Kouwenaar schreef ook: ‘Wij zijn allemaal van de oorlog, het leed en hoge tonen.’ Wat dat voor Lucebert (1924-1994) betekende, beschrijft Wim Hazeu in deze meeslepende biografie, die voor een deel gebaseerd is op eerder ontoegankelijke of onbekende bronnen. Lucebert is het levensverhaal van een gepassioneerde dichter en beeldend kunstenaar.

Deze meeslepende en onthullende biografie is ook het schokkende verhaal van een allesbepalende oorlog die daaraan voorafging. Het is het verhaal van worsteling en succes. Het is het verhaal van het naoorlogse artistieke leven, waarin Lucebert verzet aantekent tegen autoriteiten die politiek en kunst bij het oude willen laten.

Het is het verhaal over de dichters en kunstenaars die Lucebert omringden: Bertus Aafjes, Armando, Hans Andreus, Karel Appel en talloze anderen. En het is een verhaal over liefde en geliefden, over avonturen in Amsterdam, Bergen, Berlijn, Frankrijk, Italië en Spanje. Het leven van Lucebert was complex, en dit stelde Wim Hazeu voor vraagstukken die hij als biograaf nog niet eerder had hoeven oplossen.

Wim Hazeu (1940) was na zijn studie Nederlands werkzaam als journalist, radio- en televisieprogrammamaker en uitgever.

Publiceerde naast verschillende romans en dichtbundels omvangrijke biografieën van Achterberg, Slauerhoff (bekroond met de biografieprijs van de Dordtse Academie), M.C. Escher en S. Vestdijk (op deze biografie is hij aan de Groningse Universiteit gepromoveerd).

Ook bezorgde hij de briefwisseling tussen S. Vestdijk en Henriëtte van Eyk, Wij zijn van elkaar (2007). In 2012 verscheen zijn biografie over Marten Toonder waarvoor hij toegang kreeg tot de nalatenschap van Marten en Jan Gerhard Toonder en Toonders vrouw Phiny Dick.

Auteur: Wim Hazeu
Titel: Biografie Lucebert
Aantal pagina’s: 976
Uitvoering: Gebonden
ISBN10 9403104708
ISBN13 9789403104706
Taal: Nederlands
Onderwerp: Literaire non-fictie
Uitgever: Uitgeverij De Bezige Bij b.v.
Druk: 1
Verwacht: 7 februari 2018
Prijs: €39,99

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