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Leonard, John

· John Leonard: Advertently True · John LEONARD poetry: Concreted, Unli/oving · John LEONARD: In a dream · John LEONARD poetry: The Enlightenment · John LEONARD: What must be said

John Leonard: Advertently True


Advertently True

You recognise when someone says
Something so out of turn,
Suddenly, inadvertently true—
But contrary to what they know
And trust, and those listening
Know and trust—and then move on
With no-one but you spotting it.

This is your task, to be advertently true,
But with those same proofs: inconsistency,
Malapropinquity, unobtrusiveness—you will
Succeed if you are less than true
To yourself, almost no-one notices.

John Leonard

John Leonard lives in Canberra, Australia.
More poetry on website: magazine

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John LEONARD poetry: Concreted, Unli/oving

Concreted, Unli/oving

They lack in their memories, their being:




And because of this lack their every action
Brings a world concreted, unli/oving, one
Ending and not to be grasped in loss.

John Leonard

John Leonard lives in Canberra, Australia.
More poetry on website: magazine

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John LEONARD: In a dream

In a dream

In a dream I walked through a forest,
In a great gale, and the wind did not touch
My body, so much as ruffle my hair.
I saw branches, fern fronds hurled past;
I saw a forest giant crash down, its trunk
Shattering, with splinters flying about.
I walked in swirl of dust and yet
My eyes were clear and open.

The wind blew and I did not feel it,
I felt sun and warmth and smelled
A sweet wattle scent. At last I came
To the edge of the scarp, looking down,
And there the wind knocked me, tossing
Me down to be dashed on the rocks
Hundreds of feet below… but for waking
From my dream that was not a dream.

John Leonard

John Leonard lives in Canberra, Australia.
More poetry on website: magazine

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John LEONARD poetry: The Enlightenment


The Enlightenment

‘It happened on July 10, towards dusk,
Right up on that ridge there;
He told me about it himself.
What? Well in Year 1 of course.
To begin with it wasn’t anything
Like you hear now, it was,
He told me, just a confirmation
Of everything he already knew
And trusted. He told me that it felt
As though he had plunged into the current
Of the world and found those familiar things
                       It was much, much later
That they got the marketing right—
So it isn’t anything like that now,
But it began like that, trust me.’

John Leonard


John Leonard lives in Canberra, Australia.
More poetry on website: magazine

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John LEONARD: What must be said

What must be said

You cannot believe it possible to say
What must be said—words being
So few and dry, catchwords,
‘Your journey, our worldview’,
So hostile to living intent.

But you find the words without searching,
As at need, and they have a beauty,
As, once in a while, the desert,
At the touch of rain, is starred
Endlessly with small white flowers.

John Leonard


John Leonard Writer’s CV:

1965:           Born, Cambridge, UK
1984-87:     Read English at Oxford University, UK
1990:           Unlove (poems) published in UK
1991:           Emigrated to Australia
1991-94:     PhD studies at University of Queensland; ‘Lyric and Modernity’ awarded 1995
1997:           100 Elegies for Modernity (poems, Sydney, Hale and Iremonger)
2003:           Jesus in Kashmir (poems, Canberra, Proensa)
2003-07:     Poetry Editor, Overland (Melbourne)
2009:           Poem published in Best Australian Poetry 2009 (Melbourne, Black Inc)
2010:           Braided Lands (poems, Ginninderra Press, Adelaide)
2010:           The Way of Poetry (criticism linking poetry and Daoism; Three Pines Press, Dunedin, Florida) (see, under ‘Dao Today’ tab)
2014:           A Spell, A Charm (poems, Melbourne, Hybrid Publishers

Poetry widely published in quality journals, eg Overland, Meanjin, Island
Poems translated into French, Spanish, Croatian and Chinese and published in those versions, eg When the Moon Is Swimming Naked: Australasian Poetry for the Chinese Youngster, Ed Kit Kelen and Mark Carthew, ASM Poetry, Association of Stories in Macao, 2013 (8 poems), (5 poems)&c
Poems published in anthologies eg The Best Australian Poems 2009, (Melbourne, Black Inc), The Turnrow Anthology of Contemporary Australian Poetry 2014, Canberra Poets Anthology 2014


february 2017

More in: Archive K-L, Leonard, John

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