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Montague Horatio Mostyn Turtle Pigott: The Philatelist (Poem)

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The Philatelist*

(*A man who collects stamps cares for nothing else in the world.)

” O come,” said Music, “come with me ;

To Adelina Patti list;
Melt in her magic melody ” —

“I shan’t !” quoth the Philatelist.

“Come,” said the Gourmand, “come with me.

And try the varied Gatti-list;
I prithee, try Gastronomy” —

“I won’t!” quoth the Philatelist.

” Come,” said the Eightsman, ” come with me”,

And to the merry rattle list;
“Come, join our cheery crew, and we ” —

” Please go!” quoth the Philatelist.

” Come”, said the Farmer, ” come with me”.

And to my lowing cattle list :
“They’re’ slowly winding o’er the lea ” —

” Let them !” quoth the Philatelist.

“Come,” said the Mother, “come with me,
And to my cherub’s prattle list ;

Come, take the babe upon thy knee” —
“No, thanks!” quoth the Philatelist

“Come,” said the Warrior, “come with me,

And to the roar of battle list;
Come, join our valiant company” —

“Not me!” quoth the Philatelist.

“Come,” said Society, “with me,

And to my tittle-tattle list;
“Come, try the World, the Flesh, the D— “

“Get out!” quoth the Philatelist.

Montague Horatio Mostyn Turtle Pigott
The Philatelist (Poem)
• magazine

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