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NACHT van de kunsten – Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Tilburg


Nacht van de kunsten van Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Tilburg op 23 december 2016

De grote artiesten, dansers en musicalsterren van de toekomst? Die lopen nu al rond bij de Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (FHK). Op de vrijdag voor Kerst staan traditiegetrouw de deuren van FHK open voor de Nacht van de Kunsten. De Nacht laat je verwonderen tijdens een complete avond uit met spetterende performances en intieme concerten van talentvolle studenten.

Dit jaar staan er weer meer dan veertig optredens geprogrammeerd. Waaronder een aantal projecten met een spectaculaire mix van circus, muziek, dans en theater! Met grote trots presenteren we oa optredens van Fontys Jazz Choir, Fontys Kamerkoor, Exposities en (geluids)installaties door studenten Art, Communication and Design en het interdisciplinair performance event Fremdkörper. Uiteraard kunt je de hele avond optredens bezoeken van studenten Conservatorium, klassiek en ensembles lichte muziek Dance Academy, Muziektheater (Klassiek) en Rockacademie.

Na het succes van vorige edities zijn er ook dit jaar weer voorstellingen in de prachtige Concertzaal van Theaters Tilburg. De avond start om 19.30 uur (om 19 uur is de deur open) en eindigt in de kleine uurtjes.
Je kaartje geeft toegang tot ruim veertig voorstellingen!

Enkele voorstellingen van vorige editie (2015) uitgelicht:  Fontys Jazz Choir – Fontys Kamerkoor – Academy for Circus and Performance Art – Exposities en installaties – De Academie voor Beeldende Vorming (ABV) en Academy for Art, Communication and Design (ArtCoDe) – Musicaltheater – Theater – Fremdkörper – Muziektheater, Muziektheater Klassiek – Optredens Conservatorium, Rockacademie.

Vrijdag 23 december 2016
Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten
Ingang: Concertzaal Theaters Tilburg, Schouwburgring Tilburg
Voorverkoop via Theaters Tilburg à
€ 12,50 (incl. reserveringskosten)
Aanvang programma 19.30 uur
Koop snel je kaartje, vorige edities waren uitverkocht!

# Meer informatie via website Fontys magazine

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INCUBATE – 10/11 December 2016 – an annual celebration of cutting-edge culture


Incubate is the annual celebration of cutting-edge culture. It is a festival exhibiting a diverse view on indie culture as a whole, including music, visual arts, film and contemporary theater, and a conference. For the upcoming December edition it brings more than 40+ cutting edge artists in an intimate context to an international audience. Black metal next to free jazz. Refreshing art next to innovating indie games.
Incubate takes place troughout more than fifteen venues in the inner-city of Tilburg.
Incubate – 10/11 December 2016


Incubate Zero is the part of the programme that is FREE for all to attend. A little taste of the festival so you can decide if you want more. After the success of the previous Incubate Zero programmes, we’re proud to host another free offering of artists. So make sure to bring your friends and family and check out these acts!

On December 11th, everyone can enjoy some of the best new acts from the European underground. Divided over venues Cul de Sac and Kim’s Kroeg, the following bands will perform:

HEADS. from Berlin are a loud and noisy bunch, clearly influenced by Shellac and The Jesus Lizard: the good stuff. Their first record was released by This Charming Man Records so you know this not just your average band. Come see for yourself at Cul de Sac on Sunday December 11th.

Any Other
Remember those sweet, sweet times that we call the nineties? You might, but these kids don’t because they’re way too young. They do sound like they were there though, and they do such a killer job at it we forgot all about Kim Deal or Weezer or whatever. Who are those people anyway? Any Other excel in doing their own new thing with a sound that is beloved and feels familiar.

Fake O’s
If these Groningen locals would be a black metal band they’d be considered trve kvlt without a doubt. This hardcore punk outfit sounds like they came straight from the Bay Area in the eighties and shred like they want to show Keith Morris how it’s done. Of course Keith already knows, but he’d still be into FAKE O’s.

Sven Agaath
When you think you’ve heard it all: you’re about to find out you haven’t. Sven Agaath play shoegaton (a term they probably coined themselves and for which they should receive proper recognition), a mix between shoegaze and reggaeton. They themselves call it “a mixture of Dinosaur Jr, Sean Paul, MBV and Daddy Yankee that feels urgent and natural”. Although this will probably sound horrifying to most music fans, we can assure you – it really isn’t. Sven Agaath is for everybody that likes shoegaze but also wants to dance from time to time.


The Shady Greys
The Shady Greys are an Amsterdam based dirty blues-garage duo with a nice lo-fi sound. Although using only a cajon and feet played percussions (no drums!) they’re a high energy duo with fast riffing and raw vocals.

Dead High Wire
A young band from Antwerp and Mechelen, Belgium playing a mixture of echoing postpunk and indierock. They’ve released work on Kinky Star records (La Jungle, Räpe Blossoms etc.) and Oddie Records (Teen Creeps, Mind Rays, Double Veterans etc.). These are quality labels worth a whole lot more than that ‘organic’ logo on your milk carton.

Jellephant & The Phantoms
A young guy from Arnhem named Jelle and his band called The Phantoms are psychedelic band that make us think of our fellow countrymen Yuko Yuko. With a cool, echoing lo-fi mix of psychedelica, surf and downbeat garage these kids are one of the better Dutch acts in recent years.

Together with Tilburg natives, comic creators and founders of the small press magazine ‘Wobby’, Incubate is proud to add a Comic Fair to its December edition. This will be accompanied by an English edition of the Wobby magazine, with contributions from different artists. There will also be talks, performances and interviews, but the main event will be your chance to meet and see some of your favorite creators. Guests include Bries (BE), Sigrid Calon (NL), Charlotte Dumortier (BE), Maurice van Es (NL), Jeroen Funke (NL), KAMP HORST (NL), Knust/Extrapool (NL), Vite (BE), The Stalinskis (NL), Tieten Met Haar (BE), and Ward Zwart (BE).

Incubate will finalize its two-year visual arts program Do It With Others with a special performance by German artist Olaf Holzapfel. Holzapfel is a multidisciplinary artist who has extended his practice of painting with photography, sculptures, installations and digital work. To create his architectural sculptures, Holzapfel uses a range of (often locally sourced) materials, from plastic to straw. On Saturday 10th of December Holzapfel will do a special performance with a group of participants and craftsmen, around the noble art of rope making. Making a rope from straw is a complex process, a traditional craft that few still master. Tilburg is known for its history in textiles and the use of flax and hemp, as traditionally hemp was grown for processing into rope. As Incubate always connects artists with visitors and history with contemporary art, we invite all those interested to join us and Holzapfel in this special performance.

Incubate Art Symposium
At Incubate we try to offer kicks and contemplation right next to each other. We like to learn new things while having fun; about music and art and all the wonderful things that come with it. This is why we’re delighted to host the Do It With Others symposium on December 11th at Duvelhok. Following the finissage of Olaf Holzapfel’s project the day before, the symposium will include several artists that contributed to Do It With Others over the recent years. They will be interviewed by some very interesting hosts from the Dutch contemporary art scene, discussing their past residencies and collaborative work produced in Tilburg. Make sure to catch these afternoon talks if you’re curious to meet these artists in person and ask them your questions.


Incubate takes place troughout more than fifteen venues in the inner-city of Tilburg.
Incubate – 10/11 December 2016

incubate tilburg
Postal address
Postbus 327
5000 AH Tilburg
the Netherlands

Visiting address
Willem II Straat 49,
5038 BD Tilburg
Tel: +31 (0)13 590 4839

Box office opening hours:
Saturday: 12:00 – 22:00
Sunday: 12:00 – 22:00

013 Poppodium
Veemarktstraat 44
5038 CV Tilburg

# More information on website Incubate magazine

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EVA HESSE – Documentary film “Eva Hesse” about the German-American 1960’s artist and the art world of the 1960s

evahesse-110From the beginning, Eva Hesse’s life was marked by drama and social challenges. Born in Hamburg in 1936 to a German-Jewish family, the artist’s fierce work ethic may have developed from a complex psychology that was formed, in part, as a Jew born in Nazi Germany.

Having escaped the fate of her extended family, Eva and her older sister Helen were sent out on one of the last Kindertransports (trains that carried Jewish children to safety) and was eventually reunited with their parents in Holland. They made their way to New York but her family struggled to make a new home and her mother, after many years of depression and a failed marriage, committed suicide when Eva was 9 years old.

The artist graduated from Cooper Union and Yale School of Art, then returned home to Manhattan in late 1959 and began to receive attention for her highly original, abstract drawings. In 1961 Hesse met Tom Doyle, an already established sculptor, and in a whirlwind romance married him a scant 6 months after first glimpse. Their relationship was both passionate and competitive. Hesse struggled with the desire to be on equal footing with Doyle in terms of their art making but also wanted to be in a marriage with someone who could offer her the security that life often denied her.

In 1964 Friedrich Arnhard Scheidt, a German industrialist, offered an all-expenses paid artist’s residency to Tom Doyle for year of working in an abandoned textile factory near Essen, Germany. It was tough choice – go back to the country that had murdered her family or stay in New York and work menial jobs while trying to make art with any time and energy left over. Ironically, the work on which her reputation was built began to emerge during this extended visit to the homeland she had escaped 25 years earlier.

When the couple arrived for the residency, Doyle was clearly the artist of note. But something happened during those 14 months in the cold factory on the Ruhr River. Eva arrived in Germany a painter. But as she worked in the thin German light, she began to incorporate pieces of metal and string that she found in the corner of her studio into her work. By the time the couple were ready to return to New York in the fall of 1965, Eva had fully incorporated a 3-dimensionality into her work which was now neither painting nor sculpture, but an exciting cross-breed of the two. And people were beginning to take notice. Within months after returning to New York in the fall of 1965, her work was thriving but the marriage failed. Tom moved into his studio just across the Bowery.

For the next 5 years, Eva worked non-stop on an impressive body of work, completing dozens of major sculptural works and hundreds of works on paper. Although she sold little, critical attention was paid and she was showing often and in excellent venues. In 1969 Hesse, who had suffered with headaches for many years, began having debilitating episodes and was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor. Although the subsequent operation was deemed a success, the tumors reappeared and she died in 1970 at the age of 34.

evahesse-112As the wild ride of the 1960’s came to a close, Eva Hesse, a 34 year-old German-born American artist was cresting the wave of a swiftly rising career. One of the few women recognized as central to the New York art scene, she had over 20 group shows scheduled for 1970 in addition to being chosen for a cover article in ArtForum Magazine. Her work was finally receiving both the critical and commercial attention it deserved. When she died in May, 1970 from a brain tumor, the life of one of that decades’ most passionate and brilliant artists was tragically cut short. As Jonathon Keats wrote in Art and Antiques Magazine “Yet the end of her life proved to be only the beginning of her career. The couple of solo gallery shows she hustled in the 11 years following her graduation from the Yale School of Art have since been eclipsed by multiple posthumous retrospectives at major museums from the Guggenheim to the Hirshhorn to the Tate.” Her work is now held by many important museum collections including the Whitney, MoMA, the Hirschhorn, the Pompidou in Paris and London’s Tate Modern.

Artists such as Dan Graham, Richard Serra, Nancy Holt, Carl Andre, Robert and Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Eva’s husband Tom Doyle and her friend, writer Lucy Lippard speak candidly and with great passion about the 60’s, Eva’s work and her life. In addition, Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of the Tate Museums and Whitney curator Elisabeth Sussman have added their views on Hesse’s work and legacy. Hesse’s journals and correspondence provides much of the guiding narration.

Eva Hesse deepens the understanding of this extraordinary artist, not only in terms of her ground-breaking work, but also the life that provided the fertile soil for her achievements. With dozens of new interviews, high quality footage of Hesse’s artwork and a wealth of newly discovered archival imagery, the documentary not only traces Eva’s path but engages in a lively investigation into the creative community of 1960’s New York and Germany.

The Movie-team
– Marcie Begleiter. Director-Producer
– Karen Shapiro. Producer
– Nancy Schreiber. Cinematographer
– Azin Samari. Editor
– Andreas Schäfer & Raffael Seyfried. Composers
Kia Simon. Motion Graphics Designer
– Michael Aust. Producer
– Louise Rosen. Consulting Producer

“Eva Hesse” is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non profit arts service organization. ‐
Contributions for the charitable purposes of the documentary must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” and are tax deductible to the extent permitted ‐ by law.

# For more information about the documentary-project see the website

“This indispensable film will be shining a light on Hesse’s work, and her, for a long time to come.” Joe Morgenstern, The Wall Street Journal

EVA HESSE – Documentary film “Eva Hesse” about the German-American 1960’s artist and the art world of the 1960s. magazine

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EVA ROVERS nieuwe biografie: BOUD. Het verzameld leven van BOUDEWIJN BÜCH

Eva Rovers: Boud
Het verzameld leven van Boudewijn Büch

Eva Rovers schreef eerder de veelgeprezen biografie van kunstverzamelaar Helene Kröller-Müller, De eeuwigheid verzameld. Hiervoor ontving zij onder meer de Erik Hazelhoff Roelfzema Biografieprijs.

rovers-boud-2016-11Goethe, Mick Jagger, eilanden, dodo’s en eeuwenoude boeken: Boudewijn Büch liet Nederland kennismaken met de meest uiteenlopende onderwerpen en wist met zijn aanstekelijke enthousiasme literatuur en geschiedenis even toegankelijk te maken als popmuziek. Als kind had hij al ontdekt dat hij met verhalen in staat was het leven naar zijn hand te zetten. Uit atlassen, poëzie en rock & roll bouwde hij een eigen wereld op en sleurde daarin iedereen mee met wie hij sprak. Dat bezorgde hem invloedrijke vrienden, toegang tot de literaire wereld en heel veel aandacht. Maar zijn betoverende verhalen brachten hem ook talrijke demonen, die hij zijn leven lang moest bevechten.
Eva Rovers kreeg exclusief inzage in Boudewijn Büchs persoonlijke archief, met dozen vol brieven, foto’s en dagboeken. Daarmee begon een reis door een leven dat even onwaarschijnlijk als fantastisch was; een leven dat Büch transformeerde tot een literair spel met feit en fictie, dat hij tot de uiterste consequentie doorvoerde en dat jaren na zijn dood culmineerde in een grande finale.

Na het overlijden van Boudewijn Büch in 2002 is in talloze boeken, krantenartikelen, opiniestukken, interviews en televisieprogramma’s geprobeerd het leven van dit fenomeen te vangen. Verreweg de meeste aandacht ging uit naar Boudewijn Büch de mystificateur, de man die aan de werkelijkheid niet genoeg had en daarom een parallel universum schiep.

Na zijn dood was er nauwelijks aandacht voor de rol die Büch de voorgaande twee decennia had gespeeld binnen de culturele wereld. Door het literaire establishment werd hij weggezet als straatschoffie dat ook eens een boek had gelezen. Deze biografie laat zien dat Büch meer was dan een fantast. Hij was iemand die een breed en jong publiek wist te interesseren voor onderwerpen die op het eerste gezicht weinig sexy lijken. Op aanstekelijke wijze liet hij zien dat een mens geen stoffige professor hoeft te zijn om van geschiedenis of poëzie te houden. Hij was een culturele alleseter, die zijn loopbaan als dichter begon en als televisiepersoonlijkheid eindigde. In de tussenliggende jaren werkte hij met evenveel plezier aan columns voor Penthouse en Nieuwe Revu als voor NRC Handelsblad. Hij beschreef de wereldliteratuur in het literaire tijdschrift Maatstaf om vervolgens in het VARA-programma Büch de nieuwste publicaties door de studio te smijten als deze hem niet bevielen. Dankzij deze veelzijdigheid en het scala aan podia waarmee Büch zijn voorkeuren wereldkundig maakte, wist hij bij een breed publiek de interesse voor literatuur, geschiedenis en poëzie nieuw leven in te blazen.

‘Voor Büch waren leven en literatuur onderdeel van dezelfde caleidoscopische verzameling, waar hij naar hartenlust facetten aan toevoegde zodat er telkens nieuwe verbindingen ontstonden. Zijn brieven en dagboeken waren onlosmakelijk verbonden met de interviews die hij gaf, de boeken die hij schreef en de programma’s die hij maakte. Met ieder boek, ieder gedicht, ieder interview en met iedere column, brief en dagboekpassage lijkt hij gewerkt te hebben aan zijn eigen totaaltheater: de Comédie Büchienne.’

Eva Rovers
Het verzameld leven van Boudewijn Büch
Omvang 608 p.
Druk 1 verschenen op 11-11-16
Uitgeverij Prometheus
isbn 9789035137424
€ 29,90 magazine

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tonio_avdheijden02TONIO – Drama gebaseerd op de gelijknamige roman van A.F.Th. van der Heijden met in de hoofdrollen Pierre Bokma en Rifka Lodeizen.

Regie: Paula van der Oest
Cast: Pierre Bokma (Adri), Rifka Lodeizen (Mirjam), Chris Peters (Tonio), Stefanie van Leersum (Jenny), Beppie Melissen, Henri Garcin, Pauline Greidanus, Nick Vorsselman, Jorn Pronk, Marieke Giebels e.a.

Op Eerste Pinksterdag 2010 fietst de 21-jarige Tonio vroeg in de ochtend richting huis na een avond uit met zijn vrienden. Hij wordt onderweg geschept door een auto en komt hierbij om het leven. Zijn ouders Adri en Mirjam worden geconfronteerd met het grootste verlies dat hun leven voorgoed zal veranderen. Terwijl Mirjam hard vecht om niet in een neerwaartse spiraal van verdriet terecht te komen, doet Adri het enige waar hij op dat moment toe in staat is: in zijn herinnering graven, aantekeningen maken, schrijven. Zijn gedachten worden voortgedreven door twee toniodwingende vragen: wat gebeurde er met Tonio in de laatste uren en dagen voorafgaand aan de ramp, en hoe kon dit ongeluk plaatsvinden? Een zoektocht naar het wat en het hoe, die leidt langs verschillende ooggetuigen, vrienden, politieagenten en artsen. Zo reconstrueert hij het leven van zijn zoon in een radeloze queeste naar zin en betekenis.

TONIO van regisseur Paula van der Oest is geselecteerd om Nederland te vertegenwoordigen voor de aankomende Academy Awards.
TONIO is gebaseerd op de gelijknamige roman van auteur A. F. TH. van der Heijden. Het scenario voor de film is geschreven door Hugo Heinen en geproduceerd door Alain de Levita, Sytze van der Laan en Sabine Brian.  Speelduur: 100 minuten.  Jaar: 2016

# Waar draait Tonio in de bioscoop? magazine

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bloomsbury2016-2Bloomsbury Festival 2016 London October 19 to 23 october

For hundreds of years, Bloomsbury has been catalyst for ideas that have had impact across the world. Bloomsbury Festival celebrates contemporary Bloomsbury; a hotbed of creativity and pioneering development which has one of the youngest and most diverse populations in the country.

For five days in October, Bloomsbury will be full to the brim with artistic, scientific and literary events for all ages and tastes, from breakfast until late in the evenings taking place in the streets, parks, museums, galleries, laboratories and public and (normally) private buildings of this vibrant cultural quarter. There will be over 150 events created with over 100 partners.

Inspired by the centenary of SOAS and with Bloomsbury residents reflecting one of highest levels of diversity in the UK, the theme selected for this year’s festival is Language. Language comes in many forms; speech, symbols, non-verbal communication, performance language, dance notation, morse code, sign language, computer code. Language will be explored throughout all the events; from the cuneiform inscriptions on tablets of clay at the British Museum inspiring a collaboration by an artist and historian, to investigations of Legal and medical ‘languages’ that are used in many firms and laboratories and hospitals in Bloomsbury.

Baroness Valerie Amos, Director of SOAS says: ‘As we celebrate 100 years of SOAS teaching and research, we are delighted that the Bloomsbury Festival’s theme this year is dedicated to language. SOAS is a special place with its unique blend of languages, regional and discipline expertise. We are proud of our Bloomsbury location and, with the addition of Senate House North Block, the growth of our Bloomsbury Campus. As we look forward to the next 100 years, we will continue to play a central role in the cultural and creative life of the area.’

Kate Anderson, Bloomsbury Festival director says ‘Bloomsbury Festival is unique, as is the area of Bloomsbury in which leading institutions and world-class creative organisations rub shoulders with primary schools and lawyers. We make the Festival with over 100 Bloomsbury partners, providing opportunities for unusual collaborations and development opportunities for all. The result is a very distinctive festival indeed! And with over 150 events including all art forms, science, architecture, walks, technology, outdoor music, debating and hubs focusing on families, I think we can safely say there is something for everyone at Bloomsbury Festival.

bloomsbury2016-3A few of this year’s headline events include Coram’s Songs, a promenade performance set in the known and secret spaces around the Foundling Hospital. 2016 marks the 275th anniversary of the Foundling Hospital and the 80th anniversary of Coram’s Fields. Created by director Emma Bernard in partnership with renowned composers including Jocelyn Pook, Orlando Gough, Michael Henry and Melanie Pappenheim, Coram’s Songs is inspired by this unique seven acre, greenfield site in central London that has been preserved as a sanctuary for children for circa 300 years.

Step Out Store Street will be a night-time street party with a twist: the street will be transformed by an array of artists and dancers, showcasing and teaching different dance disciplines from around the world, from Bollywood to B­Boy and Swing to Line dancing. Pa-BOOM’s fiery pyrotechnic art installations will make a welcome return and the event will also feature a premiere of a new street dance commission from acclaimed dancer Tony Adigun’s Avant Garde Youth Dance Company. The street’s eclectic mix of boutiques, shops and restaurants will each house a different art, music and dance experience and an abundance of street food and bars will be available.

Other headline events will include The Last Whisperers at the British Museum, Calling Tree in St George’s Gardens, a specially curated programme at The Wellcome Trust, Goodensemble and ENO at Goodenough College, and SOAS’ World Music Stage inside the newly opened north block of Senate House.

The festival centres around three main hub venues Goodenough college, UCL, and Conway Hall with activities also taking place at a further 20+ satellite venues including the Wellcome Trust, the British Museum, the British Library, Pushkin House, Charles Dickens Museum, Coram’s Fields, the Music Room, Bloomsbury Hotel, the Curzon Bloomsbury, and Store Street. There will be lunchtime events Wed 19 – Fri 21 for locals and workers to attend and breakfast events and talks in local cafes.

Every year the Festival runs a competition for BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design, Central Saint Martin’s students to design the festival logo. This year’s winning entry is by Wies van der Wal which the judges felt illustrated the theme of language, the coming together of ideas and joy of the Festival perfectly.

bloomsbury2016Key Dates and Times:
Festival Dates: Wednesday 19 October to Sunday 23 October, throughout the day, everyday
Coram’s Songs: Wednesday 19 October, evening and repeated during the Festival, Coram’s Fields, 93 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1DN
Step Out Store Street: Friday October 21 2016, 6.30pm to 9.30pm, Store Street, Bloomsbury, WC1E 7DH, Free outdoor event, just turn up

Key Locations:
Coram’s Fields, 93 Guilford St, London WC1N 1DN, Camden
Foundling Museum, 40 Brunswick Square, London WC1N 1AZ, Camden
Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London WC1N 2AB, Camden
Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL
Store Street WC1E 7DB, Camden
UCL Gower St, London WC1E 6BT

bloomsbury2016-4Bloomsbury is an area of the London Borough of Camden, in central London, between Euston Road and Holborn, developed by the Russell family in the 17th and 18th centuries into a fashionable residential area. It is notable for its array of garden squares, literary connections (exemplified by the Bloomsbury Group), and numerous cultural, educational and health-care institutions.

Established in 2006, Bloomsbury Festival is a creative explosion of arts, science, literature, culture and fun throughout the streets, parks, museums, galleries, laboratories and public and (normally) private buildings of this vibrant cultural quarter. For hundreds of years Bloomsbury has been a catalyst for ideas that have had impact across the world.

Bloomsbury Festival celebrates contemporary Bloomsbury; a hotbed of creativity and pioneering development which has one of the youngest and most diverse populations in the country. Created with its extraordinary community including more libraries, museums, and educational establishments than any other part of the city, the Festival acts as catalyst bringing together its diverse population, and as a spur to develop new projects and new ideas. Each year, the Festival attracts an audience of around 50,000 people.

# The final programme will be online on Bloomsbury festival website magazine

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buchmesse2016-3Ehrengast Flandern und die Niederlande

Dies ist, was wir teilen

454 Neuerscheinungen aus und über Flandern und die Niederlande

Der Ehrengast der diesjährigen Frankfurter Buchmesse zeigt 2016 beispielhaft, wie man Grenzen überwindet und zusammen auf Gemeinsamkeiten blickt. Denn in diesem Jahr ist am Main nicht eine Nation, sondern ein Sprach- und Kulturraum Ehrengast. Wie aktiv und erfolgreich Flandern und die Niederlande zusammen gearbeitet haben, belegt die ausgesprochen hohe Anzahl von 454 Neuerscheinungen – und das in vielen Genres: Belletristik, Sachbuch, Lyrik, Kinder- und Jugendliteratur, Comic und Graphic Novel. Zum Vergleich: In den letzten Jahren erschienen im deutschen Sprachraum durchschnittlich 85 neue Übersetzungen pro Jahr.

Im Rahmen der Frankfurter Buchmesse (19. – 23. Oktober 2016) findet ein umfangreiches literarisches und kulturelles Programm statt, an dem etwa 70 flämische und niederländische Schriftsteller aller Genres teilnehmen. Die Besucher erwarten unter anderem Virtual- Reality-Präsentationen, Theater- und Filmfestivals, literarische Gespräche vor großem Publikum sowie Kunst-, Design- und Architekturausstellungen. Ein Teil dieses Geschehens ereignet sich im 2.300 Quadratmeter großen Ehrengast- Pavillon (Forum, Ebene 1) auf dem Messegelände, ein anderer Teil in der Stadt Frankfurt. Künstlerischer Leiter der Ehrengast-Präsentation ist der flämische Kinder- und Jugendbuch-Autor Bart Moeyaert.

buchmesse2016-2Im eigens für den Ehrengast eingerichteten Pavillon findet von 9.30 bis 19.00 Uhr ein abwechslungsreiches Programm bestehend aus zehn unterschiedlichen Formaten statt. Hier eine Auswahl: Via Virtual Reality werden die Besucher den Barcelona-Pavillon betreten können, den Mies van der Rohe anlässlich der Weltausstellung in 1929 in der katalanischen Hauptstadt errichtet hat. Im Kino können Cineasten verschiedene Filme aus und über Flandern und die Niederlande sehen und sich von den Geschichten und Bildern begeistern lassen. Im Atelier entsteht unter der Doppel-Leitung von Joost Swarte und Randall Casaer die Zeitschrift Parade – jeden Tag eine Ausgabe. In der Ausstellung „Books on… Flandern und die Niederlande“ sind Titel über den Ehrengast aus aller Welt zu besichtigen.

Über den Zeitraum von sechs Wochen bietet das Künstlerhaus Mousonturm ein spannendes, Bühnenkunstfestival und lädt an den Messetagen ins Ehrengast-Café ein. Das MMK (Museum Moderne Kunst) hat drei Künstler zu Gast: Fiona Tan (MMK1), Willem de Rooij (MMK2) und Laure Prouvost (MMK3). Auch das Schauspiel Frankfurt, das Städel Museum, das Foto Forum, die basis, das DAM (Deutsches Architektur Museum) und das Deutsche Filminstitut – DIF präsentieren bekannte und weniger bekannte Künstler aus Flandern und den Niederlande. Auf Initiative der Niederländischen Stiftung für Literatur und des Flämischen Literaturfonds finden im Rahmen des Ehrengastauftritts in ganz Deutschland über 400 Veranstaltungen statt. Nähere Informationen unter:

Über die Frankfurter Buchmesse: Die Frankfurter Buchmesse ist mit 7.100 Ausstellern aus über 100 Ländern, rund 275.000 Besuchern, über 4.000 Veranstaltungen und rund 9.300 anwesenden akkreditierten Journalisten die größte Fachmesse für das internationale Publishing. Darüber hinaus ist sie ein branchenübergreifender Treffpunkt für Player aus der Filmwirtschaft und der Gamesbranche. Einen inhaltlichen Schwerpunkt bildet seit 1976 der jährlich wechselnde Ehrengast, der dem Messepublikum auf vielfältige Weise seinen Buchmarkt, seine Literatur und Kultur präsentiert. Die Frankfurter Buchmesse organisiert die Beteiligung deutscher Verlage an rund 20 internationalen Buchmessen und veranstaltet ganzjährig Fachveranstaltungen in den wichtigen internationalen Märkten. Mit der Gründung des Frankfurt Book Fair Business Clubs bietet die Frankfurter Buchmesse Unternehmern, Verlegern, Gründern, Vordenkern, Experten und Visionären ideale Voraussetzungen für ihr Geschäft. Die Frankfurter Buchmesse ist ein Tochterunternehmen des Börsenvereins des Deutschen Buchhandels.


# Mehr über die Frankfurter Buchmesse magazine

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   BBC2 – Saturday October 1, 2016 – 23.00 CET


Award-winning artist Kate Tempest hosts a night of poetry that includes her epic new story Let Them Eat Chaos and performances from three of her friends, recorded live at the Rivoli Ballroom in south London.

Fusing hip-hop, poetry and theatre, Let Them Eat Chaos is set in the early hours of one morning and traces the lives of seven people living on a south London street, who all find themselves awake at 4:18am. Kate will be joined by performance poets Deanna Rodger, David J Pugilist and Isaiah Hull, who will offer their own reflections on life in contemporary Britain.


Produced by Battersea Arts Centre, this is the first episode of an ambitious new series, Performance Live. Over the next two years, Performance Live will bring some of the most innovative live theatre, dance, comedy and spoken word to BBC television, in a collaboration between BBC Arts, Arts Council England and Battersea Arts Centre.

Director – Liz Clare
Producer – Andrew Fettis
Executive Producer – Emma Cahusac
Executive Producer – David Jubb
Production Company – Battersea Arts Centre

BBC2 tv – Saturday October 1, 2016 – 23.00 CET
Performance Live: Kate Tempest magazine

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Unveiling of the Stele for the year 2015-2016  # Reporter’s Memorial Tenth anniversary  # Reporter’s Memorial – 17 00 – Thursday 6 October 2016


Ten years ago, the Reporter’s Memorial was inaugurated in Bayeux. Upon the unveiling of the 2015 stele, Reporters Without Borders will gather families and loved ones of the journalists killed on the job in the last ten years.


In 2015, 110 journalists have perished because of their profession or in dubious circumstances. Reporters Without Borders assures that of those 110, 67 have been killed for the sole reason of being journalists. In total, 787 journalists have been killed on the job since 2005. To that number, 27 netizens and 7 media associates can be added. This worrisome situation can be explained by the peak of violence against journalists in the last decade. They are now deliberately targeted and all the efforts put toward their safety have failed so far.


« It is imperative to set up a concrete mechanism for the application of the international law for the protection of journalists », declares Christophe Deloire, General Secretary of Reporters Without Borders. « Today, violent non-state actors have targeted journalists while numerous states do not respect their obligations. More than 800 reporters have been killed in the last ten years. Their death must be met with reactions that match the urgency of the situation. A special representative for the protection of journalists with the United Nation Secretary must be immediately appointed. »


Families have decided to create a stele for all the reporters who disappeared while on a mission. This monument entitled “Missing In Action”, will be placed and inaugurated this year. It takes the form of a shadow and symbolizes the absence of those whose bodies have never been found.


Present will be: Diane Foley, Claudine Kent (companion of David Gilkey dead in Afghanistan), Maryvonne Lepage, Deo Namujimbo, Elena Milachina for remembering Anna Politkoskaïa assasinated 10 years ago.

Mémorial des reporters
Boulevard Fabian Ware
Direct access from rue de Verdun, Bayeux FR
Free admission


# more information on website Prix Bayeux – Calvados (des correspondents de guerre)

# more information on Reporters without Borders magazine

Photos: Jef van Kempen (FdM 2016)




For 23 years now, the Bayeux-Calvados Award for war correspondents has for objective to give the floor to those who help us get a better understanding of the world: war correspondents. It is with a tremendous satisfaction that we have observed a growing and enlightened public over the years. Today, within a complicated and tensed national and international context, this week of reflection is, more than ever, necessary.


Major crises are reaching the planet and the Bayeux-Calvados Award for war correspondents is, once again, shedding the light on the upheaval of our time. Far from trying to upset the viewers, the photographs displayed within the exhibitions are here for people to think: the consequences of the conflict in Syria, the crisis of refugees, the movement of populations, criminality that, in Mexico, is turning into an armed conflict… A sound exhibition, never heard before, created in association with the French radio France Inter will pay tribute to radio reporters present in the theatres of war. The meetings of the Bayeux-Calvados Award will also shed a light on conflicts that have been forgotten and will allow the viewers time to reflect, in the midst of the news that is often misrepresented. A long list of rendez-vous where professionals ever so numerous and a faithful public will be able to exchange, share and enhance their knowledge of the world.

During the 2016 edition, student actions – which includes the Regional prize for students and trainees of Normandy and the Bayeux-Calvados Award classes- are expending to the entire region of Normandy. Today, media literacy is more than a duty, it’s a necessity. Film screenings for secondary school students, viewpoint of 15 year-olds and meetings between students and professionals are at the heart of the Bayeux-Calvados Award.


For the last 23 years, the Bayeux – Calvados Award for War Correspondents has been bringing together international journalists from the field to meet the public, tell human stories and provide explanation and background to areas of tension around the world.

Next edition of the Bayeux – Calvados Award for war correspondents will be taking place from  3 to 9 October 2016 in Bayeux FR.

Jean – Claude Guillebaud, a major figure in journalism as a writer and former war correspondent, will serve as President of the Jury for this 23rd edition.
A week of meetings on international news On the program for october: original exhibitions, debate evenings, screenings, book fair, events for schools… The Bayeux Calvados award is also a week of meetings, exchanges between the public and reporter s. Unique times on international news which constitutes the strength of the Bayeux Calvados award meetings. A real public plebiscite. Journalists : you have from now until 6 June to send us your work Photo, radio, television and written press reports on a conflict or news event relating to the fight for freedom and democracy mus t be submitted before the 6 th June to be considered for the 2016 selection. They must have been made between the 1st June 2015 and the 31st May 2016. There is a €7,000 grant to be won in each category.


The meeting takes place from 3 to 9 October along with special correspondents, women and men of the ground, who, through their evidence, wake up our senses

# more information on website Prix Bayeux – Calvados (des correspondents de guerre)

# more information on Reporters without Borders magazine



Over the past seven years, NEU NOW has established an innovative international festival that features a curated selection of emerging artists entering international art arenas. For the eighth edition, NEU NOW returns to the spaces of the Westergasfabriek to present a multidisciplinary programme that aims to highlight cultural exchange and the fluid character of the artistic disciplines.

   NEU-NOW-2016-Hsu Chen Wei

NEU NOW 2016 is a five-day celebration of arts in Amsterdam that welcomes 60 artists from 18 countries. From the 14th to the 18th of September, NEU NOW brings together a generation of rising artists from across Europe and beyond to share their works, practices and cultural perspectives in ways that encourage future collaborations.

NEU NOW exhibition
At the heart of the festival is the NEU NOW exhibition. Located in the Machinegebouw at the Westergasfabriek, NEU NOW exhibition houses 12 artworks from a broad range of disciplines including design, architecture, visual art and more. On Sunday the 18th of September, each exhibiting artist will present and explain their work in an interactive artist talk that explores their unique artistic practice and perspective. The exhibition is open every day and free of charge.

Artists on view at NEU NOW exhibition are:
Emilia Strzempek-Plasun (PL), Emma Dahlqvist (SE), Katalin Júlia Herter (HU), Stine Aas (NO)
Visual Arts
Alberto Condotta (UK), Alicja Symela (PL), Massimiliano Di Franca (BE), Jaeyong Choi (DE), Jonas Böttern and Emily Mennerdahl (SE), Lana Ruellan (FR), Lea Schiess (NL), Yi-Ting Tsai (TW), Viktorija Eksta (LV), Vladimir Novak (CR), Eva Giolo (BE)

NEU NOW performance
This year NEU NOW performance will take place in the Westergastheater and its surrounding area, with two or more exciting performances occurring daily. From theatre and dance, to music and sound, the performances offer a variety of themes and styles. After each performance visitors are invited to join the NEU NOW artist talks.

Performing artists are:
Destiny’s Children (CH), Hsu Chen Wei Production Dance Company (TW), Nína Sigridur Hjalmarsdottir (IS), Theodore Livesey & Jacob Storer (BE), Zapia Company (SP)
Jimmi Hueting (NL) , Teresa Doblinger (CH), Topos Kolektiv (CZ)

NEU NOW film
The 90 minute NEU NOW film programme at Ketelhuis will feature screenings of a variety of genres.

Andrea Alessi (IT), HXZ (BE), Marek Jasan (SK), Sophie Dros (NL), Yaron Cohen (NL)

NEU-NOW-2016-2NEU NOW next
In addition to the core programme, NEU NOW invites visitors to delve deeper into their understanding of the presented artworks and artistic practices by getting involved in a variety of artist talks offered onsite at the Westergasfabriek. NEU NOW is also proud to present its very first speaker’s programme, during which a variety of influencers from the art world will talk about the ever-pressing issue of (Making a) Living in the Arts.
The speaker’s programme is free of charge and open to the public.

NEU NOW nacht
On the evening of Saturday the 17th of September, NEU NOW, in collaboration with Warsteiner, invites visitors to enjoy a festive late-night programme, with music, drinks, and much more. Music of the night will be provided by deadHYPE and Jimmie Hueting’s avant-garde pop band Jo Goes Hunting.

View the timetable for the exact dates and times.

NEU NOW 2016 will be held at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek from the 14th to the 18th of September 2016.

Locations Amsterdam NL
NEU NOW exhibition – Machinegebouw, Pazzanistraat 8
NEU NOW performance – Westergastheater, Pazzanistraat 15
NEU NOW film – Het Ketelhuis, Pazzanistraat 4

# More information on website NEU NOW 2016 magazine

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CLAERBOUT_DEPONT2016David Claerbout
3 sept 2016 – 29 jan 2017

Zeven jaar geleden exposeerde David Claerbout (Kortrijk, 1969) voor het eerst in De Pont. De tentoonstelling The Shape of Time met een tiental video-installaties liet een onuitwisbare indruk achter. Een magische schemerwereld van oude zwart witfoto’s die op een subtiele manier tot leven worden gewekt en vertraagde filmopnames van een vrouw die koffie inschenkt op het terras van een achttiende-eeuws Frans landhuis en vervolgens bij de ondergaande zon zwaaiend afscheid neemt van de toeschouwer. Het zichtbaar verstrijken van de tijd riep een gevoel van verwondering en vervreemding op. De nieuwe tentoonstelling van Claerbout, de eerste in de nieuwbouw van het museum, is getiteld FUTURE.

FUTURE lijkt bij de feestelijke gelegenheid een toepasselijke titel, maar blijkt bij nader inzien nogal dubbelzinnig. Een van de meest recente videowerken op de tentoonstelling, Olympia (The real time disintegration into ruins of the Berlin Olympic stadium over the course of a thousand years), brengt het verval in beeld van het historisch beladen gebouw waar in 1936 de Olympische Spelen werden gehouden. Het werk verwijst naar een duistere periode, toen Hitler aan de macht was en hij samen met zijn huisarchitect Albert Speer megalomane bouwprojecten ontwikkelde. Bij hun plannen hielden beide heren al rekening met de ‘ruïnewaarde’ van een gebouw over duizend jaar. De overblijfselen van het Derde Rijk moesten dan minstens zo imposant zijn als het Colosseum in Rome nu.

Sinds de laatste tentoonstelling in De Pont heeft Claerbout zijn werkwijze radicaal veranderd. Hij volgde een opleiding 3D animatie en werkt niet langer met acteurs en filmopnames. Alles gebeurt nu in zijn studio waar hij samen met negen medewerkers elk beeld stap voor stap digitaal opbouwt. Zo creëren zij een niet-reëel bestaande werkelijkheid. Een virtuele wereld waarin elk detail moet kloppen anders verliezen de videobeelden direct hun geloofwaardigheid. Bij het maken van een foto liggen keuzes over details zoals plek, seizoen en tijdstip van de dag automatisch vast – bij een digitaal beeld moet de kunstenaar zelf steeds voor ‘god’ spelen.

De bezoeker van de tentoonstelling zal van deze technische vernieuwingen echter nauwelijks iets merken. De hand van de meester blijkt vrijwel onveranderd. Je herkent dezelfde fenomenen als licht, schaduw en wind die het oppervlak van water, bomen en architectuur zachtjes, zonder geluid, in beweging brengen. De transformaties voltrekken zich in slow motion: ‘Ik beeldhouw met duur,’ zegt Claerbout. Duur is volgens hem iets anders dan tijd: ‘duur is geen onafhankelijk verschijnsel zoals tijd, maar bevindt zich altijd ergens tussenin.’

Voor het eerst in Europa toont Claerbout zijn video-installaties in combinatie met de tekeningen die het maanden- of soms zelfs jarenlange proces van de totstandkoming van de videofilms begeleiden en ondersteunen. De Pont bezit naast videowerken ook een mooie serie tekeningen van hem. Hij is een begenadigd tekenaar die zijn gedachten snel op papier kan zetten. Zo houdt hij greep op het ingewikkelde ontstaansproces waarbij talloze medewerkers betrokken zijn. Deze functie van het tekenen verschilt in wezen niet van de schets of voorstudie die een traditionele schilder gebruikt om zijn ideeën vast te leggen. Voor 3D-animatie moet je naast moderne computertechnologie ook traditionele vakken als tekenen, schilderen, beeldhouwen en cinematografie beheersen. Met als resultaat, tot Claerbouts eigen verbazing, een ‘conservatief’ schilderkunstig realisme. Maar de tekeningen vormen voor hem ook een soort uitlaatklep gezien de uitvoerige en soms heftige teksten die hij soms in de marge schrijft. De recent verschenen tekeningencatalogus ontlokte Claerbout de opmerking dat het wel eens tijd werd om zijn recepten en keukengeheimen prijs te geven.

David Claerbout
3 sept 2016 – 29 jan 2017

Op 3 september tevens opening nieuwe vleugel Museum De Pont

Museum De Pont
Wilhelminapark 1
5041 EA Tilburg

# Meer info op website Museum De Pont magazine

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